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Many believe that the best way to get rid of accumulated negativity and unnecessary aggression, is the one that does not harm others. That is why fighting games that you can play on our site are perfect for this. Computer fights in the world of virtual games have appeared among the first. They first appeared in the late seventies of the XX century. Legendary game Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter fall into this genre. The modern game of fighting game genre also have great popularity among fans of the games. For example, a series of games about man-Stocked each stick. What is the reason for their popularity? Maybe because Fight games allow a person to release aggression peacefully. Maybe because in reality the soldier takes an enormous amount of time to learn this or that receive or stroke, while in virtual fights, all the techniques can be learned in just a few seconds. Also play in fighting people like that living spirit of sport, the spirit of competition. Fighting in a competition or tournament can be found in simulations of boxing, karate, wrestling, martial arts, Sambo and many other sports. Usually in such simulations for a fight using only his fists. But there are a lot of games where you can fight with swords, or with sticks and knives. Fighting games for free using knives even more popular. Not necessarily that the fight will be one on one. Sometimes a fight is a small component of the overall plot. Especially popular are games in which you must specify bashing your boss or neighbor on the bar. Also very popular battle heroes. You have always dreamed of seeing in any film Stallone battle with Schwarzenegger? So far, only computer games can realize this dream. You can choose any character to play in the fight game, such as the great knight, or a policeman, or karate, or even the terrible alien. You can transform into anyone, and win all around. And no matter what you have now the physical form, and who you are in reality. Virtual games provide great opportunities, not only boys, but girls who also love computer fights. In the virtual world, the chances of a battle between man and a woman called and often weaker games beats strong in the simulations of different fights. Unleash your aggression and vyplesnite it in a virtual battle!

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