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At a time when a person has not learned to get off, he looked longingly at the sky and hoping that there will come a day when he will see the ground through the eyes of a bird in the sky. Despite the fact that the first attempt to imitate the feathery failed and led to the deaths, the discoverers of the airspace to attempt to improve their inventions. Legends and historical facts tell us about the brave individuals who have sought high and gave their lives trying to conquer the sky. What drives them to such a crazy thing? Those who first fostered a hope to look beyond the horizon and enjoy free guy, you can not name more than romantic. But over time, as the first success in aeronautics has been made, the person became rather predictable commercialism. The desire to make a profit, where someone wanted to have a free, put a flight on a commercial basis and deprived original charm. Soon there were a passenger, cargo, and military aircraft, and today's long-distance and long flights, nobody will be surprised. Modern airline trafficked persons across the ocean for a few hours. Compared to the fact that once it took several months of sailing ships, it seems a mere trifle. Piloting so tightly into our lives that many today for the fun fly gliders and parachute jumping, trying to feel the freedom and adrenaline soaring. A science-fiction writers, looking ahead, come up with new versions of aircraft and, thus, suggest scientists new ideas. Along with advances in aircraft and rocket, Fly online game look quite natural. Many simulators airplane pilots, helicopter or spacecraft allow to realize an old dream of many boys who wanted to be astronauts or pilots. You can use a third-or first-person to operate the machine or instrument on autopilot, to fight in the sky, which cut through the Messerschmitt, to become a star wolf trader or head combat, interstellar fleet. Today to see the airship in the sky only as an advertisement, but once they are widely used for transportation of goods and passengers. These hulking and massive giants are no longer used as widely as it used to, because of his explosiveness. But to play online at Flying airships will give you a sense of connection to the history and the opportunity to feel the legendary explorer Umberto Nobile, who took part in the flight on the airship "Norge". Rescue from burning wood or fire in the city center by helicopter MOE - one possibility letalok. And kids happily pays attention to the game where you can fly not only on traditional vehicles, but also on a broom in a mortar Baba Yaga, a magic carpet, flying saucer or simply levitate in the air without any additional equipment. You can control the bird in flight, sending her midges or become a fire-breathing dragon and intimidate civilians. Whether it's a parachute, iron bird or a fabulous means of transportation, you can enjoy the flight completely. Even flying in a dream can be attributed to Flying Games, if you are off the ground. We wish you a pleasant flight on our gaming website.

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