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Game boys were always accompanied by bruises and abrasions, whipped knees, shooting, running and fighting. Is it any wonder then that in the category of computer games for boys got those stories which traced the characteristics of real hobbies. Games for boys online is dynamic and rapidly developing events. Their main goal - to win, but is not always important. Win the race or war, to score more goals playing football or win space monsters - all of this is consistent with the interests of the boys. Knowing and maintaining such a passion male audience of gamers of all ages, the creators of computer games constantly working on new ideas shooters, fighting and sports games. Each topic continues to grow and evolve, enabling all gamers turn to choose and feel the buzz on the availability of new game features. Game about hunting and fishing, the battle with the dragon and unknown monsters, rescue princesses and conquer castles, exploits comic book and manga, as well as many other variations are collected under "online games for boys." To her, as well, are flash games that will not take much time to pass and play with a complex, multi-layered world where it is possible to develop a script on your own. Arcade, shooters, sports and fantasy games give the opportunity to choose not only to control the characters, but also a campaign, the type of weapons or equipment and crew. During the advance in the game, eventually it will be possible to pump a controlled character, giving it additional powers. You can choose to play in the third or first person and enjoy entertainment, which provides realistic events and species. Many games for boys allowed to play together with a friend. These games generally include sports - racing, wrestling or going labyrinths, fighting, shooting games. Large range of sports subjects gives a truly great opportunity to participate in the competition and get a cup of the winner. It can be as individual competitions and team games. Great sports simulators provide a realistic feeling of what is happening. Did not go unnoticed even chant the stands, three-dimensional graphics and striking beauty and quality. Would still like to sport mini games is also not a rare phenomenon, and if desired, one can play football, ride on a racing car, archery or sporting rifle, run a hundred meters or a parachute jump as a cartoon character or characters in the film and series. Selecting the scene too long. If the battle on the ground become boring, then choose a star ship and go to deep space to conquer new planets, the war with extraterrestrial intelligence or become a star pirate. Manage the space fleet, choose the role of a trader or a ranger. You will have blasters, laser guns, molecular disintegrator and other fantastic weapons. Jets, helicopters and civil aircraft are also presented in this section. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the sea while fishing schooners, barges, pleasure boats, warships and submarines will be your transportation. You may want to be brave Captain Nemo or Jack Sparrow. Perhaps, thank you ninja is haunted? Playing with turtles Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo or ninja Naruto teenager makes you a true master of martial arts.

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