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Despite the fact that all the games are divided into categories and genres, almost all contain elements of the quest. However, there are games that are fully covered by this area and are based on the need to find objects, committing certain actions that lead to problem solving and logical end game. Often in adventure games are present dialogues that are unique clue for further action. It can be a game with a complex scenario that requires the player to analytical thinking, but there are those games where the passage is designed for a short time. That is what the focus of this genre category, and you can play online for free quests to play on our web site. As this trend is quite interesting, the developers of different countries are trying to satisfy the interest of the players and create many exciting story lines. So you do not feel difficulty in understanding the objectives of the game, the most interesting are adapted for domestic consumers, and you can play the game quests in Russian. People who love guess riddles, find out the answers to the mysteries and possess deductive skills, will not pass by such a fun game and find their satisfaction in his inclinations. Quest game to look even more attractive in the story often contains historical topics related to the ancient pyramids, lost worlds and treasures, secrets of bygone civilizations. All that is decorated in a bright and high-quality graphics, which only emphasizes the natural beauty of wild jungles, hot deserts and distant cities. Beauty of ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, with high walls, statues of pharaohs and pyramids open eyes player in all its glory, and the solving of the messages in the form of characters and figures in relief will make you feel like a pioneer. Often play online quests you can and with economics. Such strategies make the game more interest and new challenges. As an example we can mention the game "Wonderful Garden" and "Fishdom". Here you will find and search for items, and items for sale, and the purchase of modern equipment and decorative items, and competent placement bought necessities. Online quest games often consist of several levels, and for the passage of each must make a number of well-considered action. Even search for one subject can lead to numerous acts - dialogue, combining different items together, solving mini-games puzzles. This can be assembled puzzles, wire or pipeline, solving a code, the passage of the maze, balancing weights, and so on. Events can develop a completely unexpected way, so it is not a rational decision can be true. Play online quests about Masyanya sharp little different, playful humor and do not leave indifferent adult gamers or younger audience. But in the "Nightmare adventures" you wait monsters and surreal locations. Quests scary, funny, philosophical, economic, design - it is only a small part of the fact that you learn while you play. All are different, but their common feature - an exciting adventure, reminiscent of a detective. For each story selected their own music and sound effects that complement the atmosphere and create an appropriate background for the game. You do not need to download the game to your computer. Online version allows you to choose every time a new game without sacrificing space on the hard disk.

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