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Online games - one of the most brilliant discoveries gaming industry. It not only gave millions of people the opportunity to play a variety of multiplayer games in real time, but did so in a variety of simple games flash format has grown considerably. Now you can easily, without clogging up your hard drive of your computer much information, almost endlessly spend time in the games of different genres. It offers rpg, racing, shooters. And, of course, a large selection of puzzle games on virtually every taste. Moreover, these games often choose a fragments, and the plot moves game tasks of other genres. For example not far to seek - it is such a popular game is now called the office 4 elements. It combines not only a lot of games on the logic, but the good old game of balls and loved by many hidden object genre. Just like many of the 4 elements for the fact that unlike most games of this type of flash, its developers still had taken the trouble to think through the plot, on which are strung all of the above game tasks. This game is made in the spirit of an exciting fantasy, which refers to the restoration of the power of a magical kingdom. As already mentioned, the game is made in Flash format, so it can easily be run from a browser, even in the low-powered computer. Which, of course, must be connected to the Internet. Your task will be to find items for the ancient altars of the elements. The authors do not have to reinvent the wheel, so only four elements - earth, fire, air and water. So go ahead in search of magical artifacts, magic books and is well hidden caches. To ease the player solving puzzles in the game has a prompter - a little fairy with wings. So you do not uvyaznite in the game without the possibility of finding the correct answer, without which you can not move the plot forward. Although the tasks the game is almost perfect balance is maintained. They are not designed for super-smart intellectuals with innovative thinking. With little effort you can easily solve all the puzzles that offer you the developer of this fascinating game. As you may have guessed, online games 4 elements allow you to play, including on our website. Here you will find all the series of the game, which is fully capable to compete with even the most popular office games. Tired of zoom and scarf? Welcome to the 4 elements! And to play them you can not only completely free, but even without filling out a form for registration on the site.

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