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There are male and female classes. Women, for example, is very, very rarely do the heavy lifting, almost never watch football, and they are not drafted into the army. Also, with computer games: for some reason think that women will not play them. So the game on the internet can be divided into two categories: games for boys, and, accordingly, games for girls. After all, in reality, too, there is a separation of girly and boyish games, so why in the computer world, it must be something different? If the girls really like to dress dolls and cooking in the real world, why can not they do the same thing, playing in the corresponding computer games. The more options for clothing, jewelry and accessories in a computer game much more than in reality. Moreover, one can now find games for 7 years for girls and for older children. After seven years of girls like these are not games, which would love to play, for example, a 15-year olds. For them, you need a special approach and play, designed for their age. The ideal choice of games for girls 7 years old are coloring, in which they can give a completely new kind of beloved character, adventure games, where to find things, dress up games, which have to dress up dolls in different outfits. Favorite computer game for girls are beauty salons and dress. Here they can dress up their favorite characters, choose their summer and winter clothing options. Thanks to games for girls, your little daughter to learn how to cook various delicious dishes will be able to furnish their own rooms with designer furniture, will begin to understand the trendy hairstyles and clothes. With these games, she will know how to dress, for example, in school, on the street or disco. All the main characters of games for girls - a fairy-tale characters. Here they can play their favorite Barbie doll, to send to school Winx fairies, meet your favorite SpongeBob and Scooby Doo. Games for girls is not only exciting, but useful. After all, they can be to learn to count, read and even write. Games such as search items your child develop perseverance, care and observation. With their help, you can learn to dance, sing and even play some musical instruments. There are some games that help to study the country. You can go on a fascinating journey through different countries in the world with your favorite cartoon character in the form of a game to remember the traditions and peculiarities of the country or city. In the world of games for young girls is simply impossible to get bored.

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