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Speaking about the direction of action, which in Russian sounds like "action" or "action", and translated to English means "action", many players, conducting at the computer a lot of time already knows all the nuances of different genres and see before your eyes a number of games that stand out special gameplay and fell to their taste. Games action encourages the player to take action and force to react to the situation quickly enough to keep a virtual life, and continue the game. Speed ​​of making the right tactical action and prediction of reversal of events - the main components of a game of this genre. Actions in the gameplay takes place quite rapidly and keep on their toes during his events. The main component of any game action of the plot - the presence of weapons of any sample. Games that fall under the concept of action, is quite rare with no additions, because it falls under a very wide range of computer games, and we can observe the gradation on the shooters, fighting games, platformers and the like. A very common name of the action-adventure, which involves the use of weapons and martial art with acrobatic elements. Very similar to another type Action games - arcade games. But the game quests, logical and similar games to the direction of action certainly can not be attributed. In the common people still call the game action shooters, or fighting, that it is not surprising. Along with a massive full-length computer games is quite cozy feel flash game, where the passage is not necessary to spend a lot of time developing and pumping his hero. They can be played in between the main occupation, and passed, immediately switch to another game. But, despite the fact that they are quite short, the gameplay also requires an effort and skill to reach the final winner. Online Games Arcade excellent job with the role of a short rest. They do not relax, keeping the player in a state of concentration, but distract from the urgent problems and give them time to escape. While the mini-games do not take a lot of time, large and weighty action online games can inspire people in the virtual world for many hours and days. It takes place in them is gradually, then rapidly, but a great selection of dislocations will move and choose the desired direction of events for a long time. Realistic landscapes, battles, military campaigns, factions, weapons and military equipment, decorations and awards do not leave indifferent even the most demanding player. To play it is particularly interesting, the developers give players the opportunity to change history and to develop a campaign in a completely opposite directions. By selecting the party for whom you will fight, you will be able to act on their own, becoming chief of the army, or an ordinary private soldier. However, before you even commander in chief will have to grow - this is the essence of the pumping combat unit. Every successful operation will bring you a higher level of reputation - and the rewards increase in rank. If we talk not about the war games, the choice of action and there is not poor.

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