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Speaking of the so-called Action, it is difficult to articulate what kind of a game genre, and clear boundaries, he has not. However, more often, by the term "Action" mean exactly shooters with arcade elements. This folksy name can explain the essence of the games that fall into this section, which consists in the fact that the player moves on the playing field and makes a number of certain actions. Most often this is due to the decision of some puzzles, mazes passage and participation in the melee fighting or using weapons. Action games for boys are presented in a variety of games of different sizes and subjects. Choosing a particular topic, the player gets in different historical periods, which determine the manner of fighting and weapon, you have to fight. During the melee, will be available knives, brass knuckles, mount, bayonet knives, sabers, swords, spears, clubs, or just fragments of pipes. Arsenal of weapons to fight at least rich. It can be shotguns, various pistols, rifles, machine guns, flame throwers, bazookas, grenades, bows, crossbows, and even bottles of flammable mixture. If you are part of the world of fantasy, laser guns, beamer, blasters, lightsabers, molecular disintegrator and other fictional weapons will be available in your virtual store. Sometimes the weapons can not be used at all in the classical manner, for example by shooting all the bullets, rifle butt or handle of a gun can be a more striking force during the melee. Punches and kicks, too, set in motion, and are part of the game genre. If the arcade games the player can change everything in possession of weapons in reserve during the game at any time, the shooters are more like the life of the hero of the game can carry a limited amount of weapons and ammunition. The next thing that distinguishes the arcade games from the "realistic" shooters, is the outcome of combat. If a direct hit in the vital organs in the arcade leading to decrease in the percentage of life, a character in a shooter immediately dies. Another prehistoric boys were interested in the weapons and active games related to the opportunity to demonstrate their superiority over others. Then, in the distant past, it was a necessary tactic, which justified a troubled life, constant raids of other tribes, as well as the need to provide food for their group by hunting. It was necessary to skillfully use of arms, which gradually developed and improved. Modern boys from three to a hundred years too do not miss opportunities to demonstrate their strength, agility and speed. Playing in the backyard voynushki guys are divided into teams, choose a "general", and develop the tactics of battle, the tasks and take positions. And those who are already out of the age of short shorts, fighting against each other in games. See this section, you will find that the games are adventure games for boys closely. You will be able to fight on the battlefield, urban neighborhoods, in the maze of monsters and other territories. Will also have to fight with different opponents. It can be both fighters opposing armies, or the Mafia, and the monsters - vampires, robots, zombies, and so etc. To pass the level will have to solve puzzles and match kits, weapons of the enemy, some bubbles and, of course, "mow" ruthless enemies. Become the hero of his time playing games for boys rpg.

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