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This section will discuss the possibility of aircraft and pilot to feel, even if virtual. Online games are different planes special atmosphere, realistic graphics, simple controls and dynamically developing events. «Heroes in the Sky» (Hero in the sky) is a simulator of the Second World War. This online shooter will choose different modes of play and will not let relax. The developers made sure that the game was kept authentic style of the aircraft, as well as options for military campaigns. The fighting and the truth came out a very realistic and dynamic, that quickly draws in the games. Choosing a Mode, you will find famous battles of WWII, where development will occur at different points in the Pacific and European fronts. Look forward to: the protection of allies, reflection attacks, bombings, defense of strategically important sites. During the game you can select a single battle or in company with other pilots. Solitary battle more difficult, but success in the company traversed even more pleasant and give a sense of a real hero. During the Games planes «Heroes in the Sky», you wait modes: attack and defense (Attack and Defend Mode), every man for himself (Skirmish Mode), occupation (Occupational War Mode) and the regime of raids (Raid Mode). In the "attack and defense," which is a classic online shooter, players will demonstrate their skills in the victory over the enemy. Each team eight players who should perform the objectives. Since each team has its own mission, then you run into fierce confrontation. Together in such teams, the players must not only have skills in teamwork, but also to be played in previous battles. And, of course, have excellent piloting skills. In the "every man for himself" you're playing against all alone. The winner in this campaign, only the fastest and most powerful, because the sky seems hell because of the black curtain of smoke and fire. You must have time to knock out as many enemies and avoid bullets and ideally - to stay alive. The next "occupation regime", where the battle of the two factions. Together with the team you are fighting on the side of the Pacific or the European front. Finally, the "regime of raids." Players are divided into four teams, each with four pilots. Similarly, you will lead team battles with the enemy, and only your skill and ability to show who will win. An interesting game for you to become «ACE Online», where you can feel the power of the fighter plane, and you'll get a third-person. In the simulator you are waiting for a lot of dangers and mysteries. Piloting a battleship, you will be one of the team. In different parts of your enemies lie in wait and deal with them is not always easy. Going from short skirmishes to battles with the factions, you have to control the airspace around him, conduct aimed fire and adjust their actions in accordance with the actions of the team. From the professionalism of your combat skills, the outcome depends on the operation and the lives of other drivers. The game should be not only a virtue, but to be quite clever and competent pilot. The ability to go out shooting sometimes much more valuable asset than accuracy. You will enjoy easy operation, full control of his aircraft, detailed graphics, effects, and great opportunities in uniform and pumping, massive battles and the ability to make war in space. Games Flying on planes - this is a very good version of the game online shooters.

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