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We all know the tale of Aladdin, who was lucky to meet and make friends with a good gin. The truth can not be said that all gins are the same welcoming and friendly, but still many of them differ agreeable disposition. Remember also Hassan Abdurrahman ibn Khattab, or simply old Hottabych, who performed all Volkiny desire. Many dream to meet kind, wise old man with magical powers and become a loyal companion and friend! This mysterious preface knowingly sounded in the beginning, as is - the Akinator genie ready to be your friend now! Gene Akinator - a young Frenchman, who was born in 2007, and his parents are programmers Arno Maigret and Jeff Affairs. Despite the fact that gin is so young, he has eleven different languages, including Russian, so you can easily find them with a common language and be able to check if it has magical abilities, if Akinator game will start now from our website. What is the magic of Akinatora? The fact that it is very easy to guess the whomever you're about. It is true that great? This character can be any character as the fictional and real-life. Akinatoru not matter who you have in mind. It may be one of the characters in the cartoon, comics, TV series, feature film, now living or long sunk into the century people. Akinatora for nothing is impossible, and he will ask you a series of leading questions to which you, if possible, will respond as accurately and truthfully. Such questions had stashed twenty, but it is not necessary it will ask them all. If he feels that he is ready to answer you, he will give an answer before. If your puzzle set it to a dead end, and he could not answer the first time, he has two more attempts with additional questions. As practice shows, he guesses the characters in 99.9%of cases. If he is still unable to give a precise answer, it asks you to put the name of the hidden characters in its roster - the library names. On the basis of the library and he draws his knowledge. In the beginning of your communication, his questions are very general, but as the replies, it will develop a certain pattern, and many irrelevant your description characters disappear. Then he will have to ask clarifying questions, and some of them will give you an idea of ​​what to unlocking he is close enough. He asks what games you make come true hero, what nationality, age or year of birth, it really exist or is part of a fictional world, if he has any distinguishing features, such as a beard, mustache, bald head, and so on. Maybe you do not know all the details about your character. In this case, you have a choice between the answers, "Yes", "No", "Maybe some," "Probably not, not really," "I do not know." Choose the one that suits you best in this situation. Even if some of the answers you do not know - do not worry, Akinator very clever and quite up to the task, based on that part of the information you have provided to him, though in this case he may need additional effort. Akinator very fun to play, because he is able to surprise even the most experienced players. You can propose anyone, even God, the devil, your cat or yourself. Surprisingly, the Akinator easily guessed all that much like magic. Now you can brag to your friends that you have your own pocket gin, because the game came out and Akinator now in the mobile version.

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