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Like, you have not heard about the game Angry birds? In this case, looking at our site, you are in the right place. There's nothing more fun than playing Angry birds in the genre of casual. Angry Birds in Russian sounds like "Angry Birds", but the version of "Angry Birds" has become more common and familiar. Birds on the existence of Evil is seriously threatened, as the Ugly Green Pig decided to destroy their nests. While the birds on their offspring from mosquitoes and black flies, brazen Mumps led his queen Pigs, stole their eggs and fry of them have scrambled eggs. And it is quite like a pig! Angry Birds of the abuse, of course, could not stand it, and brought down on your anger Ugly pigs. To protect the nest, bird Evil has no choice but to take revenge as ugly green pigs. But the Pig is also tricky - they are always hiding in houses made of thick blocks, each time inventing a more reliable and sturdy shelter. Oh, is not easy to have a bird, but you ought to be punished. Because birds have no weapons, they themselves become weapons. The birds are building a slingshot and shoot out of it is the same. At high speeds, they crash into houses Ugly Green pigs and break them. The more damage they were able to inflict, the better the attack, which means you get more points. When all overthrown Mumps - a victory. With the game Angry birds online you will meet with several kinds of Evil Birds, each of which is unique. With them you will meet at the very beginning of the game. Blue Birds in flight break up into three smaller birds. They had a great break down the ice structure. Yellow accelerated to the flight, and are able to break through the barrier to break even the wooden structures. Black Bird - it's the bomb! For them, even the stone shelter Ugly pig is not a hindrance. White Birds do not need to break your own head. They throw the egg on the opponent, which exploded in the fall. Big Red Bird - is enhanced and enlarged version of the first Red Birds. Flying Green Bird is like a boomerang. If you can not make a direct hit on the enemy comes to the aid of a green bird. It is able to destroy the powerful enemy buildings. Play Angry birds online games becomes really fun. And since the game as much as three hundred unique levels, then you can make war against his heart's content. At first glance, the game Angry birds, it seems simple and uncomplicated, but the first minutes of the process so fascinating that it is simply impossible to break away.

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