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Archery has come to us from the distant past, when men defended the fine ladies and committed various acts of ecstatic for them. Archery is considered traumatic enough sport, but quite interesting. Today, the street you certainly will not be able to see Robin Hood and arrows and a bow, but archery, the archer is a very popular sport that requires athletes in particular skill and ability to concentrate and control of their nerves, as well as its ability to express themselves in the competition. On our page we present to you a very special sport that is directly related to archery - archery is a game online, which provide us with one of the most popular sports. This type of archery meant by a special tandem of ski racing and darts. Who would have thought that archery can act as a winter sport. However, archery game is really fun, which requires special training for the player as physically, and psychologically. Archer game has its rules. The player must pass a certain distance along the route on skis, and then upravno to shoot at targets. And by the rules of the distance to the target should be about 18 meters. Face the turnover of the target should be black with a white mark in the center of the target. It is there and should get an archer. Archery online is really an exciting adventure. We picked the most interesting flash version of this type of games, so you can enjoy their victories in the comfort of home. Online games allow you to fully experience the excitement of the whole competition. To do this, it is very important to the player to concentrate on his victory and provided the target. Using the mouse and keyboard buttons you should choose the most exact hit the target, and then just make your shot. In the very party competition is very important to keep under control all the emotions and experiences in our games online you will also have to concentrate to become the best archer. Choose the arrow, charging it to the onions and simply doing the right shot at the target. Of course, the more accurate your shot will be, the more points you earn. In the game, archery can compete with your friends. Parents will also be very interesting to compete with children in the accuracy and skill of this athlete with arrows. Most importantly, archery online is perfectly safe. You just do your best shots and get to the target, causing sharp blows, earn points and become a winner. Games archery can learn to concentrate and focus on the goal, and then very easy to move all his strength of spirit and in real life. Games archery like the boys, but they will also be very interesting and the girls who want a child to win and achieve their goals. And parents can support their children and later to be proud of their victories. We invite you to enjoy the game and exciting adventures on the Games, which is precisely the ability to transmit the whole spirit of this competition, and such brilliant victories!

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