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Many people traveling on the expanses of the Internet, see the title "Avatar" and think that it is a famous film Kemmerona James, who was the highest grossing film in history, gathering at the box office for nearly three billion dollars. At the moment of the film was very difficult to get tickets for it in theaters because the film attracted a huge number of people from all over the world. But there is another Picture, namely, the American animated television series called "Avatar: The Legend of Aang", and today it will be about him. The plot of the animated series tells the adventures of a boy of twelve Aang, who is the protagonist of the series, as well as his friends. Aang wanted to live a normal life, but it happened to him, and his life appeared in the Picture. Now the boy must save the world, to lead the fight against the Fire Nation, cruel, dangerous journey to go and win-after Master of Fire, to end the disastrous war. This war has lasted for a hundred years, and Aang will be difficult to find in it a winner. After watching this series, many have begun to dream to be in place and also Aang to save the world. Now, many fans of the animated series had such an opportunity, thanks to that created by Avatar Legend of Aang game. In these games you can play for any of the main characters. Aang is the addition of Qatar, the young, but brave Magic Water. Also, it is a simple-minded brother-soldier, whose name is Sokka. Besides playing the game offline you will find the strongest mage Toph Bei Fong Earth, who is blind from birth, but is able to control the metal. Also joining the team later in exile Prince Zuko. Choose a character that you prefer and go play the game offline. This game is sure to enjoy not only children but adults, because many of them also spend hours of time for implementation of the various quests. Games Avatar Legend of Aang quite varied and created quite a lot. Some of them need to fight in the tournament, and some puzzles to solve. Anyone will be able to choose the right game to your taste, from which he is sure to have fun. And on our website you can find almost any game on the animated television series Avatar and beyond. Even if you did not watch this show, start to play the avatar, and you are sure to penetrate and become a fan of this game, and maybe then look at the animated series. All games Picture submitted on our website free of charge and without registration.

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