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Came to us from the East backgammon has its own long history and is divided into several types, but in this section we will look at the game long backgammon. This game can not be called a very simple, but not too much difficulty. That is why, to learn the rules, you can enjoy fun gameplay. The game involves two people who are placed on board the chips (15 pieces), each with its left half. Prior to the game, you have to remember some of the terms: The first bet is called Ante (ante). Cube or a bone to throw - is Zara (Zara).Original position, where are checkers - Nead (head).The opposite side of the head on a diagonal - Nome (home).Another part of the board away from home (home) - Outer board (yard).Online backgammon game allows long, in accordance with a board game without breaking the established rules and sticking to tradition. The purpose of the party - put your checkers first. Early determine the player who makes the first move. Dice thrown on the field, and who was a great value in points, and he starts the game. If both players throw the same glasses, should throw the dice again. Further installments beginning one who won the previous one. In order to make a move, it is necessary to throw both dice and according to the fallen value saber move counterclockwise. Players roll the dice and take turns. Making a move, the player is allowed to remove the "head" is only one piece at a time. The first time you turn a player can remove just two pieces to the case, if the opponent is by casting it to the "head" and a hindrance. This may be available in the event that blocks shown are: six-six, four or three or four or three. The player must hold their pieces in a circle (counterclockwise) so that they were at the end of the lower right quarter - its "home." Thus, the black checkers to cover the distance from the upper right to the upper left quarter. Next is their way to the bottom left, well, in the end they fall in the lower right quarter, ie is its "home." Playing white, makes the following route: the lower left quarter, lower right, upper right, "home". Long backgammon are different in that they are not opposing fights, and thus brought down pieces missing. The player moves his chips on the number dropped points on the dice during the throw. One chip adheres indicators one die, the other another. Dropped points in one cube can not be distributed on a few moves. If the value of five shows, is unacceptable to walk a chip into two cells, and the other three. If both dice show the same value (a double), a player makes four moves instead of two. In long backgammon is a very good position when facing the opponent's checkers are your six, locking it. The game is unacceptable move your piece to the hole occupied by the enemy. You also can not lock up all the pieces of the enemy - at least one, but should be able to make progress. If a player can not make a move on the board to the winning score, his glasses are burned, and the course is passed. But he can not give up on the available course, if it is unprofitable. If a player is only one course, he must choose the one which is more points the second cube burned. The online backgammon long you can play with artificial intelligence computer or a real opponent. There are no restrictions in the choice of a partner, and you can always return to our website to play the new game of backgammon. You are waiting for the great victories and big wins!

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Backgammon game long free online

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