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Sometimes you want a break from the daily and tedious work and play various games, but do not relax your brain. To do this, and there are intellectual games. One of the most common and relatively simple board game called on the intelligence of Balda. It is very popular and many people love to pass her some time. The main objective of the game - a compilation of words with letters that are on the playing field. Make it two players take turns. The playing field - a square array of 25 cells, and the central horizontal row of the field put any word that is composed of five letters (because the table is 5x5). Each letter of the word is located in a separate cell. After that, a player comes up with another word of 5 letters and enters it in the middle of the square. During the course of the player must substitute the letter so that it was located in the cell, which is already filled cells adjacent vertically or horizontally. There is also a version of the game to the table 7x7. Nowadays, there are games Balda and CBT, in which you can play with the computer as well as with real people. Balda computer games online, you can play on our site are quite interesting, as they have good graphics and sound. The game has several levels of difficulty, so do not think that if you beat the computer opponent on a simple level, you will have to do it on a more sophisticated level. People play in the CBT also allows you to change the interface language and library of words (words can be both in Russian and in English). In general, Balda online game play that can be on our site, as much as possible close to the real, and even has some advantages. For example, in some embodiments, the flash games you can use the tips. Do not think that if you accidentally close or refresh the page, you will have to play again. In some versions of Flash Games Your party will be maintained. This game develops erudition, increase your vocabulary, and generally very useful for intelligence. In addition, you can play online for free Balda. Some sites require a certain amount of money to play a computer version of the game. At our site there is nothing like that, and you can spend time in this wonderful game is absolutely free. Balda-read play online games and pleasant to you!

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