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Let us talk to you about the horns and hoofs. But not for those that adorn the head and feet of animals, but the fun and mischievous computer game, which continued the theme of 2006 animated comedy "Horns and hooves," and the English version of Barnyard, which literally translates as "Animal Farm." Animals that screenwriters and directors put a human habits, always attract great interest. How can you keep from laughing, when representatives of the animal world we begin to grimace or tease? In a computer game, in question, the animals on a farm are quite active and indulge in small pleasures, especially when it comes to ugly. So otvyazny bull Otis, loves to dance, to ride a surfboard, to drive on the farm on a motorcycle - just fun. Other animals are also very gay life, but cleverly hidden from view. Even the owner of the farm does not know what's going on behind him. The principal at the farm mule Miles and Ben Bull - Otis's dad. Mouse Pip, Freddy the ferret, Peck rooster, pig and Otis himself constantly lost somewhere. Maybe Otis and go on to lead the entertainment life, but dying father decided to pass on the reins in his hands. Now Otis must avenge his father's death and collect own gang, which helps him to drive coyotes and Dag guilty of the death of Ben. After that Otis is the leader of the farm. Cartoon causes different emotions - from laughter to compassion, and his popularity was the occasion for the continuation of the story out in 2007 under the name of "Horns and hooves. Return. " After watching the cartoon, it is a natural process and the hoof horn to play for free, and the opportunity provided by our web portal. As a rule, the creators of computer versions acclaimed films and TV series give free rein to their imagination, so is it any wonder the meeting with Otis as Count Dracula. True, they have tried to make it not so bloodthirsty, and therefore the object of his hunt will not intoxicating warm blood, and sweet candy. It is natural - Who needs blood when candy is much better! And if it happens during Halloween, then you can find plenty of sweets. In this version of the game, they are hidden in haystacks and wooden boxes. One has only to be put to good hoof it as sweets will fall very generous. Collect, jump over boxes of chips and move on. Otis is very funny looks in her black cloak and a young vampire teeth. In another game, you'll be helping Otis collect milk bottles, hiding from view the ability to walk on two, and deftly jump on the roofs. Multi-level game "Horns and hooves" of 2005 from the studio Blue Tongue Entertainment also give you many pleasant hours. This quest adventura contains mini-games, a lot of jobs and sparkling humor. Music to the fullest, darts, golf, battle with coyotes, bicycle racing, night Tusa in their own clubs, various small mischief in between - all this awaits you in the game. Mock and ape - that's where the fun! The mailman trying to send an envelope in the mailbox, artiodactyls are shaking in dance behind him, bringing you a bonus star. But once the postman to turn around and immediately become Cows peacefully grazing animals. Back in the game you expect a 30 game locations 21 mini games, 30 different characters, 16 recipes for drinks and meals from cookbooks, and a huge portion of hilarious laughter.

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Horns and hooves games free online

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