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People are always coming up with new sports. That is why each of them has its own history, though not all fans of a particular sport know it. If football fans can still give a more or less plausible answer about the history of its creation and formation, the less massive sports remain outside the study. Speaking of basketball, you can not say that he has few fans, but in comparison to football is second in number of fans, even though he has a pretty funny story, and his first option at little resemblance to modern basketball. So why do not we fill this gap, and tell a little bit about how he was born? In the late nineteenth century, young people, engaging in physical education classes, doing gymnastics just boring. Young, mobile organisms, it was very small and advanced teachers knew it, but was able to offer something in return, only one of them. In December 1891James Naismith - kolledzhny teacher found a custom solution to the situation, and took two baskets, which were previously stored peaches, tied them to the railing of the balcony in the gym. He further divided into two teams Eighteen students and handed them to throw the ball and offered it to the basket. The team that will be able to make more successful shots in the opponents' basket for some time and will be the winner. As already mentioned, the first game was like a modern version of a little basketball - was not yet of the ball on the field, and the players standing on the spot, just throwing it to each other and threw the ball into the basket from the chest or bottom up. After a successful throw, one player takes on the oversight of the stairs and take out the ball out of the net. Now the original version seems rather sluggish and slow-moving, but James Naismith then set out to create a team game, which may engage a large number of people. The idea of ​​basketball he was born, based on the game "Duck on a rock» (duck-on-a-rock) at a time when he was in school. This consists of tossing a small stone in order to hit the top of the stone more. Mention of the fact that in 1982 a physical education teacher at other colleges - Senda Berenson first developed the rules of the game of basketball for the women's team, said that the game did not remain without attention and continued to develop. In 1936, basketball became part of the Olympic program, and its inventor - James Naismith was present at the games as a guest of honor. Since 1950, World Championship basketball game among men's teams have performed regularly, and in 1953 they were joined by women's teams. It was natural then, that since the popularization of the game, she repeatedly changed the rules. The first rules of the sample were first adopted in 1932. But they do not remain the same. The last time they have undergone significant changes, first in 1998, And then in 2004, And since then no longer change. Basketball has long ceased to be the privilege of professional sports fields, and moved to the streets and computer monitors. While some are broken down into street teams and knock the ball on a lined pad asphalt, others are fighting in the online basketball game with the keyboard or computer mouse. On the internet you can easily find the game in the classic version, as well as individual episodes of this sports game where you can practice of throwing the ball to a certain point, or even use your favorite tricks of Michael Jordan.

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