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Probably each of us remember the wonderful game console called Dendy tanchiki, which in the original version was called the Battle City. A huge number of boys liked her simplicity, both which combined with the dynamics. In the modern world Dendy console is no longer so popular as in the 90s, but you can play online tanchiki and the computer. And it does not need to download a computer console emulator, as well as the game itself. One need only go to our website where you can play this wonderful game of our childhood in the flash version. Currently, the rules of the game, as well as the original schedule remained the same. Of course, time is flying, and now released a lot of games on tanks with more realistic graphics and an interesting plot. This is not surprising, because modern computers allow many times more than the old consoles, but despite this, many people want to play online tanchiki to remember his carefree childhood. In this legendary game you can play as one, and another, and that of the competent team will come to you to win! How many of us remember, online games tanchiki offer us a large number of levels that are getting harder and harder. It's really difficult stages start after passing the fiftieth level. However, by this time so we can improve our tank, and also to protect its strategic headquarters of strong walls, that an enemy bullet could never throw you. If you have not played enough as a child in tanchiki, then start playing tanchiki free online right now. Use the fact that the tank is equipped with a virtual infinite ammo, shoot down the enemy tanks, look for artifacts that will help you successfully cope with even the most powerful enemies of the iron. The most interesting artifact that offer online games tanchiki - is the star, which allows you to make your tank more maneuverable, but also increases the strength of your shot. Moreover, such a star can be assembled more than once. Another interesting artifact is the pomegranate, allowing blow up all the enemy tanks that are currently on the field. In addition, it is possible for some time to protect your head bullet-proof armor, and sometimes that's enough time to kill all enemies. Many people call the best game tanchiki 90s, along with Super Mario. Connoisseurs of gaming consoles Dendy fully agree with this fact!

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