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Let us recall the school days, when most of us painted the school notebooks in two 10 by 10 square cells, and, closing his rival, the boxes filled with squadrons of ships and naval battle began. For many, this game is a real nostalgia. On our site you may remember my school years and then plunge into the atmosphere unforgettable school game. The fact is that with the development of computer technology, this game moved into the virtual space, and now you can play online in a sea battle. Do not think that you will play with the computer, because your opponents - they are real people who are also registered on our site for the game. Flash games online naval battle in which you can play on the same page, fully took over all the rules and fighting spirit battles in the notebooks. Fans of the game will open up new opportunities exciting and interesting sea battle. To start playing online sea battle you do not need anything to download and install. Simply click on the button "play" in the flash box on this page. Despite the flash game has excellent animation and a great realism. Be your strategy and skills disclosure of plans of the enemy. As you may recall, the rules are very simple, and your task is to place his fleet on the game field (just drag your mouse ships), and then the same mouse to shoot your opponent's ships. Navy - the ship is a chetyrehpalubny battleship, two three-deck cruiser, three two-decked ship, and four-deck of the submarine. We can not allow the ships to come into contact with each other. Online games sea battle - this is a classic version of the game, so it is familiar to you, and do not have anything to teach or learn. Naval battle will continue as long as one party does not run out of ships. By the way, if you are already a player, the results of the battles will be recorded in the standings. Battleship - this is a very exciting game, and the enemy in a virtual battle you do not have to wait long, because the game is constantly connected hundreds of people. But, of course, you will be interested to fight with acquaintances or friends. Send them a virtual call to battle! Especially you will be interested to play this game with childhood friends, which can be proved in another city. But the Internet knows no boundaries, and you can play even with someone who is thousands of miles away. Have a good fight!

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