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Protecting the good and justice in the game world is often quite impossible to avoid bloodshed. You take the hands of a virtual sword, automatic, laser gun and come out without fear on the battlefield. Shoot the gangsters, cut the head zombie, cut through the light beam alien invaders. Blood online games offer limitless options battles, skirmishes, major battles and minor skirmishes. In many games, you start to fight the enemies of simple weapons, and sometimes even hand to hand. But only a couple of wins and you can pick up fallen from the dead hand weapon, or by collecting cash bonus game, go to the online store and buy a powerful gun, explosive ammunition and other equipment. It should be remembered that in the bloody games, not only do you have a gun - the opponents also would not mind to let you some deadly bullets or check your neck sharpness of their blades. Defend yourself from them or using armor or his agility. You should not blindly jump to the bullets, much better to hide in the woods, there to assess the situation and only then begin active operations. Many computer shooter your character does not move and aim at the enemies approaching it. It does not matter who it is, the undead who want to gnaw your throat, or bandits, aiming at you from their guns as soon as they come too close, the game is over ignominious death of your hero. In most cases you will want the mouse to aim and shoot by pressing the left button. When the cartridges run out of the cage, you need to take the time to recharge - is not to let the moment when you are left without protection, a number were hordes of assassins. In the bloodiest games you can get in a variety of places. For example, to go on a combat mission with a group of desperate warriors and villains gang shoot straight to their forest lair. Or example, the form of police and protect civilians from attacks at the airport ruthless terrorists. Often in games it is possible to travel back in time and become a sheriff in the Wild West that brings order in the city, firing at the bandits in the saloon. You can also go to the future, once in horrific apocalyptic reality where almost invulnerable robots systematically destroy all life on the planet. In the bloody games do not always have to stand on the side of good. If you want to become a bloodthirsty zombies, evil bandit, killer robots, in the computer game world can realize even such fantasies. In this section of the site you will find all the most interesting and exciting bloody games. Dive into the world of virtual shooting and try to survive the endless stream of bullets whistling and sharp blades.

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