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Games have always been very popular among the various strata of society. This is very convenient entertainment you can indulge in with friends, when the window bad weather or while traveling. In board games using a set of objects that can easily fit on a desk or hands of the player and that make some manipulations in accordance with the rules. From action games are distinguished by the fact that the players do not have to move and perform vigorous movements, and do not need complicated equipment or bulky structures. Games in its history goes back to ancient times, and at no less than five and a half thousand years. Games such as checkers and chess in common with the games that were carried away in ancient Rome, Egypt, Greece, China, India and other countries, and the first backgammon were known in the Middle East for about three thousand years before Christ. All Games are modified periodically or based on them are new. It only says that to this kind of entertainment in people is not of interest. If we consider the Games by type of items that are used in some fun, they can be divided into: dice, card games, using a pencil and paper (Battleship, Tic-Tac-Toe), based on the tiles and patterns (domino Mahjong) game boards (chess, backgammon), miniatures games (train, soldiers), role. This highly conditional division, as one and the same game can be of the same type and at the same time to another. As progress in its motion does not pass any sphere of human activity, board games are not left without attention. Now the PC, you can find absolutely any board game, and even learn about those that previously never heard of. Board games online seem to be very useful invention, as our rapid life leaves little time to get together with friends at the table and play cards, checkers, chess, backgammon, words, or any other game. But now we can play in all this diversity, even on the way to work, and our opponent can be a very strong opponent and incorruptible - artificial intelligence computer. Or we can arrange meetings online in a network with live partners and even play with complete strangers. This makes the search for the enemy fairly easy thing to do, as the Internet gives us the ability to communicate with people all over the planet. Board games to play now easier than ever. You never lose a chess piece, not break card, it will not break and rubbed boards. You do not need to find a place in the apartment, which would add an arsenal of board games. Is not really get in life all the games that are offered in the virtual version? Keeping pace with the times, we are increasingly being exported our passion to the world of computer technology. What yesterday was unavailable, has now become a reality. Home library is now placed in the e-reader, and board games in the mobile phone or PC.

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