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Cartoons and movies, and computer games with animals has always been a favorite among kids. As a rule, the animals on the plot save someone or teach kindness, sensitivity and understanding. Sometimes you can even catch myself thinking that animals are more human than the people themselves. They contain no falsehood and pretense. They sincerely express any feelings openly implying their intentions, preferences and attitudes. And this purity of their view of the world with our human point of view, makes them naive. At the same time, it is these qualities attract us to the animals, and to communicate with them gives us joy and make ourselves a little better. It is in this perspective looks at the colorful, witty, dynamic, computer game arcade dog named Volt, which was set up on the script of the same name cartoon. In the story, the Volt was the star of the TV series, which starred his life and therefore his view of the world was based on his script. One day, finding themselves on the streets of the big city, he took it as a shot the next series and began to behave accordingly scenic image. But the reality was more brutal and made it clear that the Volt is not ready for a new life. He had to re-adjust to the reality that, in contrast to the on-screen life, has been even more dangerous. The inner strength of mind and morals made Volta relentlessly fight against all forms of injustice. Despite the fact that he looks so soft and white pussy, his courage makes him a hero who is willing to go to great lengths for the triumph of good. He will not stand by and do not rest until the offender will not be punished. Small Volt became a super dog, ready to fight and defeat the enemy. Playing games volt free, you'll be with him shoulder to shoulder, and help defeat the enemy in mortal combat. It is fast, swift, agile, brilliant, fantastic, charming and powerful. It's all about him - a super hero and super psec volts. With all these qualities, he is a strong opponent, and able to make a horror in the enemy ranks. But the Volt is not alone in their struggles. His owner Penny having deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot and able to deal with high-tech machinery, it will be a great partner and together they will wage a tireless struggle against the treacherous culprit Calico and his minions. Laser sight and deafening barking Volta will be a great weapon against the villains and plunged them to flight. Playing games with the Volt, you can enjoy dynamic and thrilling story. Overcoming obstacles, you will save his girlfriend Penny, and to resist an army of enemies, led by the green-eyed, with coin collecting, carrying you bonuses. Supernatural powers to help him prevent Volta plot and carry out different missions. Dangerous tasks require courageous and deliberate actions, so jumping on high-rise rooftops, not Tear down, flying through the gap and avoiding collision with the bandits who want to keep you in the job. During the passage offers mini-games and puzzles, exciting stories and travel extensively. We are pleased to offer you a Volt to play on our web site, which produced a lot of missions and adventures. Control the game you will be using the keyboard - with arrows and a "space." Enjoy your time with your baby nice and warlike volts, which knows no fear, and to the rescue.

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