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More recently, advances in technology and electronics have been gradual and did not make significant jumps, did not offer unique technologies that could surprise the human race is strong enough. But it has the appearance of the first mobile phones and personal computers stirred the public, making her gasp, and has since been tirelessly continues to amaze all of the newer developments. Many foreign companies have escaped the global market, far ahead of its competitors, and not get tired of competing with each other, offering the consumer more and more new technologies and quality products. Ordinary citizens do not have time to keep up with new products that expand the range of its capabilities more and more, and now mobile phones have little resemblance to their first representatives to the significant advantage that the time was more communication coverage area than their competitors. Over time, it is impossible to surprise anyone, but the first phones with color display, built-in primitive music and games have become a real bomb. Holders of the miracle of technology felt by people advanced and wealthy. But their euphoria did not last long because the producers did not intend for this to stop. To keep his audience, the company began to implement in mobile phones mp3, mp4, IrDA, Bluetooth, FM radio, photo and video cameras, the ability to download e-books, the connection to the Internet and computer games designed just for their phone. The owners of a Nokia mobile phone knows the game Bounce tales, in which the play was not just fun, but so much fun that people have installed their own records and paraded them in front of friends. It was the kind of competition during commuting or just for fun. Technology does not stand still, as companies merge and are absorbed. The new always replaces the old and in their place come the more advanced games and other features. Now, to be able to remember the good old days and play your favorite game, you must make an effort and perseverance in the search. It is possible to observe the trend of transformation of computer games in the mobile version, and vice versa. This situation occurred with the aforementioned game, and now Bounce tales online games you can play on our site. Funny bouncing the ball continues to delight her fans now computer screens. But because modern mobile phones have Internet access, and many let you set it, even Windows, there are no obstacles to ensure that the return to the bright and good, that remains in our memory. The essence of the game Bounce tales is quite simple - it is necessary to pass the levels, jumping on a hill, submerged, some hurdles to jump, to destroy the other, collecting items for them to earn as many points and do not run into sharp objects, and eventually defeat the evil and Gipnotoida save the world. With a similar plot and gameplay you'll find a lot of games, and many, taking advantage of popularity and reputation of the original, simply add to the description and tags «bounce tales», and spread to the category under that name a number of game clones. I can not say that they bezynteresny. In its simplicity and beauty, they are able to captivate the attention of players better than the ancestor. And the merry music is combined with the process of the game. Well, I think, in this case is particularly well suited to saying that all the new items, it is code-forgotten old.

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Bounce tales games free online

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