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Bowling in the CIS is known, but to call it a very popular not work. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that it is in the clubs is not that cheap, and given that the students and the usual hard workers not earning a surplus, a large contingent to the game is beyond. At the same time, in America and parts of Europe playing skittles in people's lives is a considerable gap. This is a good way to relax in a group of friends and have a good time with them. If you are going after work in his favorite club, the players are divided into teams and compete against one another. Many so addicted, that coming up with names for their teams, dress in the same form, selected from the best players and even the leader of monetary bets. Bowling - it's a sports game of chance, where the end of the walkway lined pins in order, and the player with the ball has to shoot down the fewest number of strokes. For dead wood accrued points and displayed on the electronic scoreboard. The kind that got bowling today, was established in the late nineteenth century. Were set uniform standards for pins, lanes, balls and rules are defined. Then there was the tenth pin, because before that there were only nine. Now you can call the bowling industry, which includes the production of a wide variety of products and equipment for games and related products with posters, stickers and souvenirs. Are not left behind and computer designers. If you can not afford to go with his family to the bowling club, then bowling online you can on your computer in the comfort of an apartment. In this case, you will have many more opportunities to roll the ball on the track, because the games of this genre offer many options of entertainment. Why sit in a stuffy club, if you can get out into nature and use as a bowling track bridge over the river, forest path, or a path in the thicket of jungle? Winter bowling on snowy roads is unique in that, as the ball will be the huge snowball, well, empty plain and straight rows of supermarket are just created for them by throwing the ball. Who would think to bowl in the water? But if there's a game, then, this idea has already come to someone in the head, and now you just have to dive to the bottom, along with Sponge Bob and accept his challenge. Have to throw shells, corals and churn. As an entertainment version of this story is quite justified. In the end, what you got to lose? In the tropics, it is logical to use coconut instead of polished ball and the game zombie bowling pins will act as the undead themselves. In the same hypostasis can act and empty bottles that are left after a night of fishing on the pier. True, a familiar phenomenon? But you'd never occurred to me to play with them in the bowling alley. Well, it's never too late to start something for the first time. Choose coconut pokruglee, build empties in intricate configuration, and roll the coconut on the pier, trying to beat the strike. Bowling online you can even in space or moving to the millions of years ago in the Stone Age. Remember the little family Flintstones? Fred turns a big fan of the sport. You just have to join him, and you will see how smart he can tighten up the ball during the throw. And Santa was, not so good-natured. Deciding to go bowling, and not finding the pins, he built turkeys and now throws them the ball.

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