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Sport is never good, because it builds on the spirit of competition. That less of all types of sports, boxing is especially notable for its desire to win, to prove his superiority in strength and tactics. This is probably the most brutal sport as a victory to the most able to stay on his feet, and the opponent is knocked out. The victory was not easy in the box, and only the most desperate people choose it. By definition, the box is classified as combat, contact sport where opponents of each other to punch, wearing special gloves. In this case, the battle is under the strict supervision of the referee - a judge who enforces the rules, stop the fight in case of violation, issue a warning and raises his hand up the winner. Fight continues for three to twelve rounds, and awarded the victory to him who was able to send a knockout opponent and one in ten seconds he could not rise to his feet. If a boxer is injured, which does not allow him to continue the competition, it is considered a technical knockout, which also leads to the loss. If none of the competitors did not go to a knockout to the end of the match both stood on their feet, victory goes to the one who scored the most points by the technique of fighting. Scores judges and announced the athletes and spectators. Despite, its bloody history, boxing is firmly present at fairly high positions in popularity. Survivability would envy any other sport, because boxing has come to us from the distant past, and the first mention of it can be seen in the frescoes of the Sumerians, Egyptians, and Minoans. In 688 BC, boxing was part of the program of the ancient Olympic Games, and the rules for boxing came up none other than Hercules. The modern boxing was born at the dawn of the eighteenth century in England. Boxing History is full of interesting facts and events. He often changing, and in different countries have their own version of the sport. His brutality is often used as a reason that it must not, but then again legalized and returned to the ring already in corrected form. For those who are not afraid of missing teeth and raskvashennye noses, a computerized boxing game. Prefer the classics of the genre and realism, fit game simulators online, where you can feel the force of impact and enjoy all the pleasures of the sport. But there are a lot of interesting games, where you can become one of the real-life or fictional characters and get them to the ring. Become a Bush or Kerry and send the opponent in the knockout. In street boxing can beat any celebrity who for some reason you are irritated. Cow box also contribute its spark and variety of impressions from this type of combat. In boxing can play even robots, pandas, bees, penguins, Santa Claus with snowman and other cartoon characters and movies. Boxing online games are not without humor. True humor this rather bloody and bruised, but nobody said that battle is not accompanied by pain. Like hockey, the sport does not suffer the weak. And given that women are often loved not only see, but also themselves take action in the ring, among them also is found a lot of "hardware" lady. Choosing a game about boxing, you choose the strength and bravery. With these video games, you can be a world champion, regardless of their body type and extent of this inflated muscles. Wear gloves and boxing, while your opponent is in the knockout.

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