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One of the most popular and common genres of today are browser games online strategy. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that these games do not need to download and install on your hard drive. Browser games can be divided into massively multi-player, multiplayer and single player. For a single-user, most often, are the games that can be completed in a short time and their management does not require special skills and knowledge. This is a flash game that is easy to learn even for children. Next come the free browser game, and it can be attributed to those that mimic the tabletop games: card games, checkers, chess, Battleship, backgammon and more. In these games, there is the possibility of doubles with a computer or a real opponent. You can save the result and returned to the game at any time. Even the simultaneous presence of the players is not mandatory, and everyone can make their move in the game when he has the opportunity to do so. For some time teen massively multiplayer character get more fans. Player resides in the virtual world, choosing a character who subsequently interact with other characters and controlled the game atmosphere inherent scenario. This is the most beautiful games with volume graphics with clearly traced minutiae and spectacular voice acting. A common feature of these browser games is the ability to participate in the economic development, history, and use of strategic decisions. This building of towns and ports, and to participate in combat operations. Play and develop in these games can be for years to infinity. Often found playing with a business orientation. The process develops smoothly, giving the player get to the core and prilovchitsya to management. Gradually the game more complicated, new challenges and raising the bar to achieve them. The main objective of the business game is to earn a slope, and the virtual currency should provide the opportunity to acquire additional funds for the development of enterprises, technology or a hero. Browser games online strategies often combine different genre areas, such as economic and military. In this case, you will build a new state, to establish mineral resources, develop economy and its own army. If up to the task, you can declare himself a military commander, fleets or even an emperor. In the browser game "Gladiators" can create their own school of gladiators in ancient Rome. To create your party, hire mercenaries and buy slaves. Before we entered the arena, have to train soldiers, that they have acquired the necessary skills and increase their level of skill. You will not escape, and political life of Rome, which is full of conspiracies and intrigues. At the highest political rank, you get not only the financial power, but also other features. Very entertaining plot of the game "Space battles" combines and economic strategy, and military battles, echoes the theme of Star Wars. You will learn new planet, creating settlements on them, to lift the economy, conduct scientific research and to obtain resources. When the need arises to build space bases and engage in battle. All this takes place in the distant future in 2240.

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