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Cubes, pyramids, Lego and other designers are encouraged to develop fine motor skills in children hands, the ability to compare the shape, size and color. This educational and developmental toys that are necessarily present in a range of fun every child. Not surprisingly, he grew up and became interested in computer games, children often turn their attention to the game to build houses in which you can continue the theme designers. Like bricks to build a virtual building, you need to add blocks one by one so that they lay on their place firmly in line with the design. If you violate the architecture, the structure will shaky and very fragile. Some games that are designed for the smallest of architects, there tips - in the place of the block should change color in the event that he went right. If not, the unit will remain the same as before. In addition to the houses you can build towers, towers and bridges. The goal - to build a solid design as high as possible, combining in the right order all of its elements. The construction of bridges on them should not be less in the future because it ubudut move pedestrians, cars or ride the train. You can build and attractions, such as a roller coaster. Sharp turns, descents and ascents, dead loops and different curves - all of which should be particularly reliable, or just train derailed or not be able to overcome a steep climb. Only the ingenuity and vision of the end result will help you build such structures, which will be reliable and attractive. To build a beautiful home, see what tools are present in your virtual store. Perhaps a couple of columns in the old style will give your home a more pompous and colorful stained-glass windows sparkle. Being accepted for the building, imagine that you are building your dream home, and then the work you took. Approach to the issue thoroughly and think over every detail. Having built a few houses nearby, you will have the street. Expanding the full-scale construction, you can build a city with developed infrastructure. When understand the basics of the game build will seem even more interesting. After all, every city should have their medical and educational institutions, fire points and law enforcement. One police can not do - and will have to build prisons, which will contain the criminals. Do not forget about entertainment centers, theaters, cinemas, clubs, amusement parks, municipal swimming pools. Especially do not miss the construction of stores and markets, where people will buy food and clothes. Factories and plants better taken outside the city limits, so they do not pollute the city's air, as well as build a water treatment plant and air. The pipeline, which will supply water to houses and fountains is a top priority of every mayor and without which the city simply will not survive. In addition to buildings, build green parks, fountains, monuments, develop bus stops, which will transport residents to the destination. Do not forget to put a bench on which to sit, relax and eat ice cream. Roads should be comfortable and well laid out so that people can get access to any building or structure. Bridges and underpasses will help alleviate traffic congestion, and the railway, airports and sea ports provide relations and economic alliances with other cities. Build the city of your dreams with us.

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