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Computer games for girls cafe invented for those who want to build their network of restaurants and become a business woman is in the service sector. In this column, you can easily find the game on service or construction business. The first category is a game where you prepare meals and become a chef. The second more complex and exciting games with economics. If you love to cook and always come up with new recipes, you will not be difficult to get used to the game for girls restaurants for preparing even the most difficult, at first glance, dishes. You will find recipes that have attracted even a gourmet and impress ordinary people they can once or twice. Many ingredients in store in your virtual kitchen as well as the most diverse dishes and condiments. Learn to cook online courses, you will be able to move mastered this recipe in the kitchen, and with her mother or older sister to surprise your loved ones acquired culinary skills. As a new player in the game to cook in a virtual restaurant, you learn the basics of the profession and a cook can appreciate all the details of this work, which will help you to choose a profession for life. Perhaps you will discover a hidden talent, and understand that the sacrament of culinary magic created just for you. You have to prepare quickly, as visitors do not like to wait long to order dishes. Take orders and cook them up these ingredients, while guests will be happy and will leave you a good tip. In other versions of the subject of games, you will play the role of a waiter. You will have a lot of running around, as visitors and orders will become more and more. Must find time to take the order, take the kitchen ready meals, deliver them in accordance with the wishes of visitors, remove dirty dishes from the table, sweep the floor and take the payment or gratuity. If you do not learn to work quickly, visitors will leave in anger, without paying, and you run out of money. As in any business, the restaurant business money also plays a major role. This is not just your concentration, it means the purchase of new, more expensive equipment that will help you keep up to handle more visitors. Yes, and your work will only gain - will not have to run after each new cup of coffee. You can cook it as five or ten cups and just carry everyone. Games online restaurants will allow you to build a network of institutions, if you work in good faith, quickly and accurately. This creates additional comfort and love visitors. Remember the cafe, where you feel comfortable and cozy. Try to re-create something similar, but connect the fantasy and make it unique, as a restaurant or coffee shop, this is not only a place where people can satisfy their hunger. Spending time in these places for the pleasure of doing business or to make a deal long ago turned into a tradition. Everyone has their favorite place, where he goes for lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee cake, eat ice cream and drink fresh squeezed juice summer day. Game restaurants and cafes are taught basic business skills and cooking. Each player will be priority one thing, but to identify for themselves the most appropriate theme, select representatives from each direction, and play different roles.

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