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Well, that's behind the study, exams and thesis defense on cooking. Lisa is now a fully independent person ready to ensure that, in practice, to show all she had received during the study skills. Despite the lack of experience, she immediately began administering cafe specializing in sweets. At first things went well - customers little work too. Quite easy to perform one or two orders for a layered cake with a cup of coffee. That's all I have three cakes and three kinds of stuffing: in this complex? Work dust-free and peaceful. Truth and money because of this, too little. But, this is only the beginning, and to give you time to get comfortable. Soon, customers and gain more money too. As the awareness of entrepreneurs, Lisa began to buy new equipment for its cafes and soon felt a rush of customers and additional revenue. When things are going up the hill, you feel the excitement and mood elevation. Just want to move mountains and swim the sea. It seems that everything will turn out and do anything. But, at some point, have to exert great, no buyer has not left the cafe without a booking. The queues were never in fashion, but the hopelessness of people standing in them for hours, shifting from foot to foot, fearing that it is the end product in front of them. Today, this phenomenon causes displeasure in the presence of competitors, the visitor will go to where the service quickly and efficiently, and are not forced to wait at the counter. You'll be playing online cake shop, fulfilling all orders of its visitors, and thus try not to confuse and please everyone. To keep up to serve all, brew coffee every time you find yourself next to the coffee maker. Now you have one more powerful, so one cup is not limited. And when the next visitor will order a cappuccino, you have it ready and waiting for him to come. The same goes for popcorn, juice, soda and ice cream. Do spare portions, and you can always find time to place an order. Do not be discouraged if you suddenly have mixed layers or filling for cake. You can put it aside and just throw in the trash and start cooking a new one. Buy new equipment you will be in the end of the day the money, but the supplies you will appear automatically without your intervention. If you see that chocolate cakes over, do not worry, now there will be new on the shelf. Hang on the wall clock, which counts the working hours. When the working day is over, the visitors will leave your institution, and you will be able to calculate revenue and choose something from the convenience store for a cafe. Do not forget to pay attention to the modern and comfortable furniture, decorative ornaments and new technologies. Make your cozy cafe, you will attract more customers to it and provide yourself with a good income. People like to come to the beautiful facilities where it is always cozy, clean and smells good. Soon, your cafe will turn into a real fairy "gingerbread house", where cars with color-cream and drinks will spin, buzz and fill cups yummy. Cake Shop, and you can play online games with the same theme, which are not poor on the story. You can become a chef restaurant any direction. It can be hamburgers or Italian cuisine, sushi bar or barbecue, pancakes or seafood restaurant. You can build an entire network in one direction or focus on one institution. Become a businessman or a waitress - in any case it is only your choice. But, you do not choose, you will be interested in any case.

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