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In Russia, there were card games and became popular in the middle of XVII century. However, despite its prevalence, they fell under the ban on the grounds that cheats quickly learned how to apply for a card cheat unsuspecting citizens. Notwithstanding such a scandalous reputation, soon cards took on new life, settling in the salons of nobles. Now and the aristocracy found fascinating moment in the new fun and considered prestigious to offer guests to spend time at the card table. Decks were produced with colorful shirts - drawings of stories of mythology, sky and other bright images. Front of the card is also distinguished fiction and was very attractive. Over the next century, based on maps created all new game with rules. In this case, the same condition of any game is a random arrangement of cards in the deck, which for this thoroughly shuffled. All games, depending on the rules are based on either mathematical component, when it is necessary to count the points and to remember who left cards or gambling. In the latter case it depends not on the skill and the random luck. The category of games with a mathematical foundation include games such as bridge, whist, a thousand and whist. This is a hard game, and they were even written entire books, reference books. A bridge is the only card game that has acquired the status of sports, and on her competitions at different levels. The rest belong to the commercial, intellectual games. The group of casino card games include blackjack, point, borax, silverside, a drunkard, Pharaoh, baccarat, Macau and others. Poker also applies to both categories at the same time, because it has the signs of the two directions. More card games can be divided into: a game with skidyvaniem cards with skidyvaniem and rebound or just hammering (varieties fool), playing with a set of tricks, a set of points in bribes and games with seniority combinations (such as poker). The popularity of card games does not decrease. Even the kids know them a little and gladly indulges in this entertainment. Looks very natural fact of the appearance of this fun on personal computers. Online card games have become one of the first to appear in the public domain for millions of users, and the example of this is the solitaire game that includes free for Windows. In the online card games you can play yourself, against the computer or an opponent on a network. Now they have acquired a new status and become more accessible. To fight against a strong opponent, do not cross the border of the apartment, it is enough to assign online meeting on the internet and not be afraid that someone peredernet card. Along with the cards, there are a variety of different, popular board games: chess, checkers, backgammon, bingo, battleships, dominoes, tic-tac-toe, and others. Undoubtedly, card and board games online accessing relevant intellectual and educational games. They require the player to focus and the ability to think tactically. Many board games are classified as sports and participate in competitions at various levels. They stimulate brain activity and develop logical thinking, mathematical ability, endurance, ability to discreetly win and lose. Many of the games are made with the children's audience than to expand their circle of admirers. But adults also enjoy extensive and colorful images, which is why these games are pretty realistic.

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