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Every child wants to have a small pet, which he will take care of and very loving. Unfortunately, parents do not always heed the pleas of their children, and in no hurry to bless their pretty pussies. But parents do not do it to offend or harm of the plain, but because they know how difficult it sometimes is to take care of the little creature. For animals also have their own needs and emotions, which must be satisfied. It is often not enough to feed the puppy and throw him the ball. Caring for any pet - it is a complex process that requires time-consuming, and sometimes the courage and strength of character resistance. Do not forget that animals should be vaccinated and regularly show the vet to be sure that it does not suffer. But no matter how hard you try, and the trouble with health are not excluded. And to help, we must be focused and accountable. Even any one symptom can mean anything, and you as the hostess should take a responsible approach to solving the problem. For example, if the kitten does not want to eat, maybe he was ill, or upset, and could quietly stole from the cutlet dish and have had enough. To learn more about what it means to be a responsible owner of the little creatures, play games, caring for animals. In our assortment you will find for himself the most interesting and educational games for girls with animals. Get a virtual rabbit, kitten, puppy or other funny little animals, and create a comfortable environment for her life. As your responsibilities will include: animal feed, walk with him, and make sure that he did not get sick and sad. Do not forget that healthy sleep is able to return your pet a great mood and restore a day spent force. Do not forget to fondle puhnastika. Scratched behind the ear, under the neck, pat on the head, and you will see how to grow the scale of pleasure, which reflects the levels of vital needs. In another game you can become a veterinarian and save animals from various diseases. Here you'll find everything you need for such an honorable mission of saving animals. Nobody likes injections, but small pets are suffering bravely. Watch for their needs, which will appear above their heads as a picture in a cloud, and tell you exactly what to do at the moment. Bowl of food will be aware of the coming famine, a basin of water, it's time to take a bath, a Red Cross says about animal diseases, and, of course, do not forget to put in their cribs. Manages to do quickly, or may not pass the level. If you did everything correctly and quickly, then proceed to the next stage of the game, where your care will be more than a pet. Now you have to really try to act quickly. If you want to have more exotic animals, offers you a game about animals online, where you can take care of the ponies brisk monkey, cute panda bear or a small leopard. There is still a game where you feel like a real farmer, if you take care of the whole herd of cows. They are peacefully grazing in a meadow, and you have to catch all the milk, otherwise Burenka be hurt, and they get sick. Animal Games for girls are pretty in a wide range of choice. There are games where you need to find rare birds and animals among the thickets of wild nature. Or play with the elements of the quest, where the animals want to play hide and seek with you and you have to find them. Games for girls about animals great and can cheer up the young housewife to develop their sense of responsibility.

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