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One day all the girls become mothers, and will educate themselves and take care of their own children, trying to make them feel good. Prepare yourself for the most important role in their lives to help care for the kids games that seem different simulators, this sphere of life. You will see how helpless toddler, and that they really need your help. They can not use a pot or a meal on their own. They can not even explain what they want at the moment. Perhaps they want to drink, eat, sleep or play. Once your experience and intuition will tell you what to offer the baby and child care game to prepare for this honorable mission. During the game, kids will express their wishes, and you'll see them in a cloud over their heads. If the baby hunger hurts, you see a bottle of milk or a bowl of porridge, if soiled diaper in a puff of pop is it. If a child wants to play, the picture will be toys. Likewise, you will learn about his other desires - a dream or a bath. Management in all the games are similar - with the mouse. The only differences in nuance - in some subjects to be dragged to the child all the required and necessary items, in other cases you will have to move the child to the dinner seating or laying on the changing table, a playpen or crib game. When parents are busy at work, the child is employed nurse and care of it all rests on her shoulders. It should be a competent and loving children lady who deliberately chose a profession for himself. Games for girls and kids will allow you to feel yourself as a nurse and see if you can cope with one or more of the toddler at the same time, satisfying their wishes. In order to give a child a toy, click on it in italics computer mouse, hold in this position, drag on the baby, and then release. Bathe the child and change dirty diapers to be the same way. At each manipulation will only be given twenty seconds, and if you do not have time, will replay, so try to do the job as quickly as possible. Girls at an early age like to play with dolls and dolls. They imagine their own children, as a part of their world. They care for toys, encourage their delicious candy for obedience and punishing imaginary offense. They rehearse all aspects of life, knowing on a subconscious level, that they have to experience it as an adult. Also, they copy the model of behavior of their parents, kindergarten or elementary school teachers. Looking at the way they play, you can see yourself from a distance, and to understand what mistakes are made in the education and in the relationship with their child. Manifestations are often feigned irritability or even cruelty by your daughter to the doll shows that something is wrong and is not going smoothly in your relationship. But it is very nice to watch as the future mothers chirp with their toy children, showing them love and affection. Playing in the care of babies, girls learn to be independent and adults, giving baby warmth, comfort, affection, tenderness and love. Mother's hands the most affectionate in the world and their happiness depends agility and baby health. These games are able to bring in girls all the necessary qualities that are useful in the care of babies. After all, to share warmth with others, it is helpful to have it. When dealing with children, a sense of duty should prevail over fatigue and laziness. Negative a luxury when your responsibility someone tiny life.

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