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Exactly six years ago, released a wonderful animated film called cars by Pixar. He quickly gained immense popularity and millions of people saw it in theaters, and then still buy the same animation on DVD and watch it at home. This popularity is due not only because the cartoon was advertised, but because he really was a remarkable creature, which is sure to please both adults and children. And with the protagonists of the cartoon certainly like to meet again. The gaming industry has provided fans the opportunity. Otherwise, simply could not be, because since I have created such a popular cartoon about a race, a race as we know, are the most popular game genre. So fans of the animated film soon began to enjoy playing again and the cars got these unforgettable positive emotions, this time from the games. The main hero of the cartoon became a brash newcomer to the world of motor sport called Lightning McQueen. Initially, he effortlessly defeated all his rivals, and was in love with himself, not noticing anyone anymore. But fate threw him a difficulty not only with car racing. Can he overcome them? The answer to this question is waiting for you while watching the cartoon, or if you play games Cars on our site. The game play in which the cars are very interesting and exciting, and you will not notice how time flies while you play this wonderful game. By the way, cars online games can not only be racing. It could be the usual coloring, which is very popular among the youngest gamers. Of course, in the main game to play in cars that can be on our site are racing, as it is, as we have said, the most popular gaming genre that loves everything! Help Lightning McQueen go up on a pedestal in a motor racing championship! By the way, these games are not only Lightning McQueen, but the other characters of this wonderful cartoon. This is Sally and Doc Hudson, and Luigi, and Ramon, and a dozen other characters who are happy with you to play games online cars. In racing, you can choose one of these characters, and manage it during the road adventure, which can give you a lot of surprises. Please note that all the games on our site are free, and you can play them all day though! Moreover, they do not need to be installed on your computer, and you can play right in your browser, which saves your time!

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