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Speaking of the castle, you can see in your mind a medieval stone building, where tall towers rest on the sky and the flag they develop with the family coat of arms. Stroll around the perimeter of the Knights, rattling armor and armed with crossbows, maces and spears, and the walls have kamnemetami and guns. But, while the teeth of the wind blows towers, dungeons scurry its web arachnids, rats build colonies, and the spirits of the dead in the dungeons of prisoners continue to squeak shackles and scare casual visitors. Game locks offer you a glimpse into the medieval atmosphere and feel the whole entourage of the era. You will find stories that make shudder every creak and rustle. Locks with old tombs depict vampires, gargoyles on the towers, bats and an open coffin in the dim light of torches. But not all games are so bleak. As you know, every decent princess should be imprisoned in the castle tower and to be in quivering anticipation prince on a white horse, which certainly must come to fight a fire-breathing dragon, an evil sorcerer, or, at least, the old witch. It should release the red virgin of captivity ties to further his marriage and numerous offspring to be with them in peace, love and harmony for many years. To fight the forces of evil machinations generated a powerful magician - this is one of the possible goals of the game locks. This adversary, as we know, life is not sweet, if something was not conjure, or someone does not turn into a monster of indescribable awfulness. They do not allow the rain to go to the peasants harvest withered on the vine, the milk in cows to turn sour, the moon will hide behind the clouds, the dragon hand to scare all accepted. All in all, a good time of Herod, as they can, and knights instead turn amorous love with the beautiful virgins so regal race to continue, it is necessary with these monsters, beat nearly to death so life chances. Castles often fought. Therefore destroyed in time. You can see such vandalism, if you play a game of this subject. Cannonballs beating opponents release their sighting and closely. And razed the enemy fort and conquer foreign lands, build your castle on the conquered territory and strong in the new government. That's how fun medieval people - fought, destroyed and then re-built, so the next time the restored castle had already stripped them of others. What can you do - online computer games, blogs, and sites did not exist, television, too, but that it was necessary to inspire yourself with something that does not die of boredom. Medieval people - medieval manners! Game locks - it is also passing through labyrinth, which is so famous for these monumental buildings. A set of transitions in the corridors can be misleading, and in the literal and figurative sense, even the experienced labirintohodtsa, and only lover even more. In addition to the corridors, gardens and parks in the neighborhood are not deprived of his grace and ingenuity on the part of labyrinths. Diving into such dense stands of vegetation without prior moral training, not the fact that, coming from such a maze in a month, you are not completely feral and will not bark at people. Games column about castles, certainly will bring in a variety of emotions and entertainment experiences. When fighting dragons, saving princesses, fighting with the army of the enemy, walking labyrinths, destroying and building castles, you will feel the character of the old legends and stories.

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