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Today, computer games are growing like mushrooms after a warm rain, and to navigate in this mushroom and find the desired game, you need to be truly great intuition and deductive skills. If you are not in trouble with the search for any topic and games, then you are one who loves the game related to the search of items which include quests. If so, we want to introduce you to the wonderful game of this genre - "Chamber of Secrets". This game is a classic example of the direction and you have to include all of your skills to be able to find the hidden objects from the eye. They may be in the most unpredictable places, but all of them just to find enough - need to know how to apply them in the right place and get to interact with each other. You can play online hidden room, and each time, turning to our web resource, you will find this game in its place. At the beginning of the gameplay, girl Veronica introduces you to the rules of passage. You will find yourself in a large house with several rooms. To get out of one and go to another room, you'll need to find all the necessary things that are and will show you the way. Waking up in the middle of a strange room, the girl was frightened. Around her, a lot of doors, but they are all locked up, and around the chaos of scattered objects. But not all items will be useful, and you need to find the right ones. At the top of the screen displays the found items. When they are all you have, the map will show you place a cache of artifacts. As in life, time-consuming work takes energy, and a girl in search of things, too, is weakening. Over time, it will recover, but if it is necessary to speed up the process, you can buy a power engineer. Passing the test each of the rooms is successful, you get a new experience, and its level depends on such factors as the selected mode of the game, the level and the speed of the assistant of the game. Increased levels of experience directly related to the level of the seeker and makes new things and rooms available. Increased levels of experience is also related to financial solvency, giving you the opportunity to buy the necessary goods - mascots, energy, useful tools, and other important things. The number and range of the store is filled with all the time, so try not to forget to look at him. Right in the game window displays the items that you have yet to find. This may be their names, shapes or images. Seek time is limited, so focus. If time will come sooner than you do the job, going back to the top, and a set of items to search for change. All that you have found, you will see at the bottom. If you can not handle the job yourself, you will be subject to helpers. Crystal Eye will show where the thing, but use it rationally. Bonus items are replenished only when you move to a new level or buying in a store, but in the latter case, the price will increase. Magnifier will help you see small objects, and the button at the top activates it and returns to the original state. After gathering in the same room for re you get bonuses and enter the next room. During the third return to the same room, you have to find the artifact. To do this, collect all the runes in the room, which can detect when a magnifying glass or a special view. Activating runes by clicking on them and make the light, you get the artifact. Twenty runes will bring you the artifact - treasure map. The game features a full-screen mode that the search of objects is a definite plus.

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