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Similarly, chess, checkers game is on a special board, which is lined by the black and white squares 8x8, which alternate and edge of the board designated by Latin letters from "A" to "H" on the one hand, and the numbers one to eight on the other. The game involved the black and white checkers, and the game is only on black squares. History is silent as to how and when did this game, but the most likely explanation is that in different countries and at different times were in use many of the same checkers games that have their own rules. Therefore, it is safe to say that in the course of evolution drafts repeatedly transformed by continuing to do so now, creating new versions of the game, similar to each other. Examples include such varieties checkers games: International, Russian, Armenian, Altaic, Brazilian, Canadian, Italian, Spanish, English, Turkish and so on. We consider the classic version of checkers, familiar to us from childhood, and now offer the ability to play checkers online on a personal computer. Each player in a set of twelve pieces, for a total of twenty-four. Player places their pieces on the board with his side of the field so that the central two rows of checkers between rivals remained free. As in chess, the first move is made the white pieces, and then move perpetrated by one. Victory goes to the one who broke all the opponent's checkers or blocked them on the field, making it impossible to move. Having started the game play checkers, all pieces are in the status of "simple." This sword goes diagonally one square, provided that the cell is free or do not need to capture the opponent checkers. To grab someone else's sword, it must jump over her figure diagonally up or down. Beat swords necessarily at every opportunity, even if in this situation you do not really profitable. At the same time, how many pieces slicing removal, so we must take them. Making this before you jump over other people's pieces diagonally across the square behind them, which must be free. During the collection of checkers opponent, your motion path may vary. If during the game of checkers you destroy other people and got to the line at the enemy's side of the board, your "simple" block becomes "a king" and to give it the appearance of a new status, it must be turned upside down. King different from simple pieces so that it can move on the board one square, and to several, and both forward and backward, but also diagonally. If you make such a move, in the way of kings have a sword of the enemy, it should definitely take the matter how many free cells in front of her, but with the condition that the cell after it is free. Checker in any of its status must take all available figures opponent on the field. If, during the course have the opportunity to take the opponent's checkers in different directions, the player chooses the direction of movement in the event that sticks to capture the same amount in any form. If the number is different, you must select the direction where you can get more pieces. When a simple sword became a king at the time of taking other people's figures, but it still has a chance to beat it continues its march, but now, being a king. If it was a king by the usual moves, but acquiring a new status, she has an opportunity to beat, it can do so only on the next move. Starting to play checkers for free on our website, you will appreciate the benefits of playing online checkers.

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