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Chess and sports at the same time considered the most challenging puzzle game, in which basis the laws of mathematics. Chess - a board game for two players, which is set at bordered on 64 cell board. The black and white squares alternate. This game is familiar to us today, emerged about fifteen hundred years ago, has its own history, and had the same form and rules as today. There are suggestions that it occurred on the basis of chaturanga - Indian game of the sixth century, and only when it has spread to Africa, Asia and Europe, has to undergo modifications and the fifteenth century became more familiar to us form. After another four centuries, the rules of chess systematized and standardized. The very same name of "Chess" has Persian roots Shah - King and mate - died. Play chess can not only together, where each player controls his pieces on the board, but one group against chess. In this case, members acquire the status of consultants. Also, the opportunity to play, when a player is a simultaneous game with different opponents on different boards. Contrary to what the game can not be called simple, and it requires the ability to predict the course of the player for a few positions forward and anticipate the result, it has become an international and popular. In addition to professional players, it attracted quite a few. Children often go to chess clubs, and studying all the possible combinations, while improving their intellectual level and mathematical ability. The parks lovers gather on the benches and play for fun. If you can not meet, the party often played on the phone, but now, with access to the World Wide Web to find the partner of chess has become much easier. But if you can not find a worthy opponent, you can play chess with the computer - the strongest and most intelligent of all the competitors, because his memory is incorporated a number of famous and not-so combinations and moves. For all fans of chess games we have done a wonderful selection of the most interesting and different versions of the game, but at the same time, retaining the right and a standard set of figures, where the king is the most important of them. Placed pieces on the board according to the rules - white occupy the first and second horizontal black and the seventh and eighth. Make the first move white chess. Next Move your hand at a time, taking one course at a time. If the move to the cell blocks the other figure, such a move can be done. But the horse can jump over the figure and take the empty box. If the move falls on the square occupied by another piece, this piece is removed from the field, and is the bat. If there is a threat to the king of chess, this position is called the "check." If you take away the king from a threatening situation or to protect his other pieces can not be declared a "mate" and the game is finished. Before starting the computer party, you must specify in the settings which color you want to play. In order to play chess with a computer mouse in italics indicate a figure that will take a step, and then the cell to which you want to move it. Chess is also fun to play online, as well as live. In the online version, you can find very interesting options, and even animated version styled as real soldiers. You choose the opponent, and we invite you to play chess online without registration.

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