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As you know, the game Counter-Strike - is a cult game early 2000s. It was during this period at the dawn of computer games (before this the most popular games on consoles), teenagers all over the world began to spend days on end to play this wonderful game that was called for short Contra. In the early 2000s, the vast majority of the population still had no home computer. Even those who had a computer that was not always connect to the Internet. That's why during this period students were playing Counter-Strike online clubs. They ran back soon after school hours to play online at Contra savings, at dinners, money. So much they liked this game. This game is very popular so far, despite the fact that today the selection of games thousands of times greater than it was in the early 2000s. Genre Game Counter-Strike - multiplayer first-person shooter. Therefore, people tried to persuade other friends to play in counter to assemble a team and play together. Another feature of the game is so popular dynamic gameplay, which will delay any user. By the way, the game Counter-Strike has become a dynamic gameplay and now hosts many tournaments and championships in the game. Many former students who started to play the game ten years ago, is currently doing it professionally, winning the other gamers at competitions, and receiving for a good prize. That's just to prove that you are in this game are the best! As we have seen, Counter-Strike is a team game, and the final result will depend on each player's actions. Only the reaction rate, accuracy shooting and savvy team will win! This game, among other things, enables the development of logic and imagination! By the way, this game does not necessarily play a team. You can do it alone. The main idea of ​​the game is to fight the special forces and terrorists. At the beginning of the game every gamer should choose, he will be playing for a team of terrorists, or a unit for special purposes. In addition, some players have the opportunity to become a regular watcher of the game. The purpose of the game - or destroy an opponent, or to perform another task. Tasks may be different, for example, rescue hostages or terrorist attack. For the job you can get a virtual prize money, which you can buy new weapons, ammunition or supplies.

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