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Cooking - a magical world where products tend to be transformed into simple or intricate dishes. And to make these dishes were delicious, we must be very fairy. Every girl and woman in the kitchen works magic, and the products and spices are the constituent ingredients of future dishes. Sometimes it is not believed that such a simple set of vegetables can be purchased as a refined taste, and the meat you can think of so many dishes. Each hostess their secrets and recipes. Some of them you can find if you play games for girls cooking. The proposed games you can find a lot of recipes that will soon become the surprise of his own relatives and friends. Recipes from the most uncomplicated to highly complex dishes are presented to your attention. Having learned to cook them in a virtual kitchen, you'll get an idea of ​​what's going on in the kitchen of this. Our culinary school you will have a choice of different recipes, and you can start the process as soon as start the game online. You will gain, skills habit of fast food cook or an expensive restaurant and will soon be able to help her mother in the kitchen and even give her advice. And when grow up, become a cook for his family is delicious, the recipes which you can learn right now. Cooking games online are designed to educate girls from the future housewives. Feeding the family a light breakfast, a delicious lunch and dinner - is an important mission of every woman. Chicken, onion, potato, pea, tomato or other soup, stuffed peppers, fish in aspic, rolls, spaghetti with meatballs, shrimp with garlic, chicken cutlets, and many other delicious recipes will be available to you in the game for the preparation of food. In addition to the main course you are invited to cook different kinds of pastries and drinks. Fluffy cakes, wedding cakes with the highest figures Suite at the top or chocolate biscuits in the form of hearts, different cookies, desserts and cocktails - all at your disposal. To make all this variety in your kitchen online you will have access to the crockery, cutlery, spices and products on the shelves in the refrigerator. Incrementally you to mix, beat, cut, stir, bake and decorate the finished dish. In order not to get lost in the order process, you will see a small hint in the game. Items that you need to take and use in the proper sequence, will be highlighted. Also, you can become the mistress of a restaurant or fast food chains. You will carry out the orders of hungry visitors. Work quickly and cook meals in exactly with the order, otherwise the customer will be dissatisfied and will not accept food. Clients will become more and more, so you have to be agile and have time to serve everyone as quickly as possible. Do not forget to clean tables and floors of debris, to accept payment for food. It's pretty complicated, but it depends on your attendance at the institution and the level of profit. The more clients you have, the better it is business. Games for cooking were built in several levels, where each new stage of the game is accompanied by its own challenges, but that she had just won, and play becomes more interesting. Games are easy to operate and are able to quickly capture your attention. Play cooking a lot of fun and requires no financial cost to the experiments. Boys, too, these games may seem interesting, because, as you know, the best time in the world - are men. So why not try your hand now?

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