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Many parents worry that their children are subjected to the negative effects of computer games and receive trauma or increase anti-social members of society. Such fear is justified, because the game can not cause such significant damage to psychological health, if the children live in a friendly atmosphere and pleasant surroundings for them. But if such a statement does not calm you, then pay attention to the fact that, for all ages created games that were developed in partnership with child psychologists and received their approval. This category includes educational games for little gamers. They not only will not cause harm to your child, but also to help him to learn a number of the necessary information, which in real life trying to avoid children under different pretexts. Occasionally, when the children are happy to learn the basics of writing, and mathematics or reading. But long-established and confirmed that as a game for children is much easier and more interesting to learn something new. If they are interested, they would be happy to solve puzzles, learn the alphabet and put the letters in the word. Games Dasha and Slipper are a great example of these educational games. These stories are full of innocent mass of useful knowledge that children can get in a playful way, not straining. They will be interesting to spend time with the characters of games, and proposed to solve the task. To help the girl and her friend Dasha shoes to get to your destination, the children will have to help her solve feasible tasks that are associated not only with grammatical or mathematical puzzles, but with logical thinking. Do not be afraid of what the game Dasha traveler submitted in English. This can be viewed as a bonus, because the children will soon learn an unfamiliar language. But you know that children from an early age comprehend everything much easier and faster. Moreover, the game is not difficult, and even if it is not clear English, it is easy to guess from the action that is required of the player. If the child is initially hard to deal with management, the parents will come to his aid. This is an excellent opportunity to spend time with your child. After playing a few times in the same game, the kid will know what is required of him. Do not be afraid to repeat, because, as they say - the repetition of the mother of learning. The longer a child will play with one game, the better he will remember and consolidate their knowledge. Playing games Dasha tracker, children learn a lot of new and useful things. These games are able to develop observation and strengthen memory. They awaken curiosity in children and encourage new discoveries. Dasha traveler games offer a wide range of topics, and your child will be boring to spend time with her for the stories. Sometimes have to put the puzzle by collecting and inserting pieces of the demolished bridge, play music, cook simple meals in the kitchen, look for the same subjects, or differences in the pictures. Search together with a monkey named Slipper treasure to be particularly interesting. Pirate themed like even the smallest, and they will be happy to look at the ship scattered jewels. Dasha play traveler interesting and useful at the same time. Supports a variety of topics of interest to these children's games, and parents do not have to worry that their toddler spent too much time at the computer, because the game itself actually are built in such a way that the child can take them for a short time.

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