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Who has never dreamed of finding treasure in the lost treasure? It is unlikely that these will be found. The spirit of adventure lives in each and that's good, because we offer you to embark on a journey of jewelry right now. But do not run to the parents to take time off for a couple of months of round the world trip. There is no need, because on our site you can play in the Diamond of Atlantis Game Online. Get ready - you are waiting for a dizzying adventure! The famous Atlantis thousands of years ago, plunged into the ocean depths, taking with them secret knowledge and great treasures, the most famous among them was the mighty emerald, is able to endow the owner with supernatural powers and the ability to fulfill desires. Since the Atlantis legends, but there is no hope for her return, and its treasures scattered around the ocean floor. Some even for such a long period of time to grow into coral, rock and dive deep into the ground. An exciting puzzle game will take you in search of ancient civilizations and open up to you the secrets of Atlantis. In this game you have to collect gems, building them into a chain of three or more identical stones. The longer you manage to build a chain, the more points you earn. The game comes at a time, so you should hurry to pass each level in time. If you suddenly do not meet the level will have to replay. With each new level before you will appear more and more complex tasks. Remember buried in the ground-water corals and treasure? To get them, will have to apply extra force. This effect in the form of guns, bombs, dynamite, and others you get when you type a certain number of points. To get the gem of the particular nook of chains and locks, you will have to solve complex puzzles. The game is more than a hundred of interesting episodes. Diamond of Atlantis through the game can be in two major and four additional modes. You will also have the opportunity to choose the level of difficulty - beginner, intermediate and professional. Play Diamond of Atlantis Games do not get bored ever. This game could be your favorite, and you'll return to it repeatedly. When all the puzzles solved, obstacles overcome, the treasures collected and the levels pass, just hard to minimize the game window and leave. But the whole beauty of this game that it is not necessary to leave, and when the spirit of adventure will call you again for themselves, start the game Diamond of Atlantis online, and enjoy the adventure.

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Diamond of Atlantis Game for Free Online

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