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The best thing in our life is children. That is why all goods intended for them to meet the high quality and standards. The same is true for computer games, which to date, a great many, and which are designed for various age groups. Children quickly learn and grasp the new with great pleasure. And if the task presented to them as a game, they are much faster start to read, write and solve math examples and logical problems. Sensing study in the form of fun games, they are asking new jobs over and over. Unfortunately, today's parents life a little like a calm, quiet harbor and prompt run leaves enough time to spend it with your child and satisfy his desire to learn. And let nothing replaces live communication with relatives, but there was a great opportunity to parents to give their child the basic knowledge through computer-based, educational games. We present our wonderful educational games Diego and Dasha. Colorful and musical games like most young gamers for their variety and hilarious story. With the characters of these games children can not only spend time with enthusiasm, but also learn how to solve mathematical examples, learn to think logically with games in puzzles, coloring, dress and other interesting subjects. They will learn the basics of English or Spanish, memorizing spelling and pronunciation of letters and words. This skill games and accuracy when playing, collecting, or knocking objects. Play for care children will find items, numbers and letters. Children can develop memory in games where you have to remember the location of pictures and find duplicates. Sports games are also provided, and the kids can ride with Diego on a snowboard or go with him on a trip. Performing a task to find the animals, the children will learn and remember their names and find out how they look. As you can see, the game Diego and Dasha is playing with the different themes. Children can select and play this game several times, securing knowledge. Do not worry, fearing that a small child will be difficult to master control or understand what was going on in the game. Games developed to meet it at the youngest audience, so take into account all the nuances, making the process accessible and understandable. You will be surprised how quickly your baby accustomed to the management and to understand all the intricacies of passing. Helping heroes games to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles, children will feel more confident when they learn in practice about their abilities. Only the correct answer was the occasion for advancing to the next stage of the game - the next task. Giving the right answer, they will continue to travel through the virtual world, but if the answer is incorrect, the children will be asked to try to solve the task again. Perhaps the first step you need to help children navigate the playing field, but very soon they will feel confident and able to manage on their own. Children show to such a lively interest in games because they remind them of cartoons, and everyone knows how difficult it is to tear the baby from the screen when there is something fascinating and fabulous. Computer games give the impression that the player himself is cartoon characters and take in the events and only the direct involvement of its action to the success stories. Attaching the child to the cognitive games, you give him a good mood, new knowledge, skills and abilities.

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