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The dinosaurs died out long ago. These prehistoric reptiles that dominated more than 160 million years on Earth in the Mesozoic era, today we can only see in the picture, in museums, movies or video games. These giants have died due to severe climate change, unable to adapt to new conditions. But some, nevertheless, managed to survive the cataclysm and live up to, but modified and adapted to the new climate. Scientists were able to classify these giants and determine which of them was a herbivore and carnivore who is representative. But even those who were not dangerous modern cows seem terribly frightening. Well, we still missed them for centuries. Some dinosaurs were so massive, aggressive and dangerous that live with them would be very problematic. But since we do not see the face of the most dangerous of all dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus Rex live, we can relax and play games online about dinosaurs. Computer games with different subjects, where dinosaurs are the central and secondary figures created quite a lot. Big games on discs came out with short intervals of time and are popular among connoisseurs of the subject. The player immersed in the atmosphere of the Jurassic period, with the head going into dangerous adventures. As a rule, the idea of ​​many games is that the player needs to survive among the prehistoric reptiles at all costs. Sometimes it's a combat unit, and sometimes civilians injured crash, wreck, or got to the island through time portal. In any case, the game is to survive. For example, in the game "Jurassic Park: The offender» (Jurassic Park: Trespasser - 1998) Products from DreamWorks Interactive and publisher Electronic Arts, the event takes place in the famous park - the territory Bee. It was on this site in the movie "Jurassic Park" and are the main scenes of the movie. Some girl Anne survived a plane crash, but was on an island with dinosaurs. Before dark she should definitely radio contact with the mainland and call for help. But radio has to be found. Fight for survival - this is her main goal. In addition to the installation of games, there are MMORPG version, in which the player can choose his dinosaur and develop it throughout the game play. Bright graphics and realism are the key to increased interest in such games, and the opportunity to build their prehistoric world allow the player to feel the idea and storyline. It is not necessary to avoid and mini-games that offer a variety of topics that you can not pass up. Young players can safely enjoy all the pleasures of simple plot and ride with dinosaurs on a bicycle, car, walking labyrinths, collect items that turn into bonuses, find differences in pictures, or find similar images, add puzzles, coloring books and play more. In these games, dinosaurs did not look scary, even when running on city streets and demolish houses, overturned cars and menacing growl. Even in anger, they look nice and are not dangerous. Games on speed, agility and precision with prehistoric animals allow children to get a lot of pleasure from communicating with them. Some herbivores so pretty that seem pets. Small dinosaur love to play with you in the cafe and will serve food. And in another version, you can play with it in baseball or compete in the race.

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