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Dolls - is an integral part of my childhood every girl. The doll can be made of any material - wood, plastic, fabric, thread, straw, wax paper or porcelain. In this case, the appointment of dolls too different. Although we are used to invest in the concept of "doll" is its belonging to the game and fun, these toys serve different purposes. Antique porcelain dolls now act as museum exhibits and serve only as a reminder of the past centuries of culture. Many of today is also not meant for the game and are part of the collection. Especially valuable and expensive dolls handmade, made in a single copy and supporting its artistic and aesthetic value. Other dolls are intended for ritual and become a deadly weapon in some cultures. However, not all religious rites with dolls should be seen as a threat. Let us recall the "Carnival", where the pagan festival to welcome spring used woven straw doll. Often before, and now occasionally, duck hunting duck decoy used to lure live game. Puppet Theater knows that. This presentation may be behind a screen, where the puppeteer controls the characters, dressed in the arm or the puppeteer pulling the line, making the puppets dance, sing and perform many other movements. At one time, a puppet theater thrived and was very popular. A clay dolls and other involved in the creation of cartoons. Dolls in our lives serve different purposes and are playing an important role. Even dolls, invented in order to enable children to play with them, sometimes become collectible. Just think of the Barbie doll, which was born in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. If at first it was received with great suspicion, because in 1959 it was considered quite provocative and too bare to read, then this plastic beauty soon became a cult of beauty, which tries to be even adult women, and many began to collect her, placing on the shelves unopened packaging. Much later - in 2001, appeared on the market Bratz dolls and compete for Barbie. Moreover, the collection included several dolls - Jade, Yasmin, Sasha and Chloe, and then there are other characters in the series. Today, you can see how dolls are gaining for themselves more and more space, and now they can be found even in computer games. Games dolls give girls the opportunity to communicate with loved heroines, do not resort to financial spending, because each doll created entire wardrobes and interiors that are not in the stores a lot cheaper these designer items. Playing with dolls online, there is no need to suffer because of the lack in their wardrobe a new suit, because you can dress up their dolls to many times a day, and to change their hair or apply makeup. It is also possible to create an interior room to your liking and to equip the favorite dwelling on the highest level. Or go with her to travel and learn about new countries and continents. Go on a date or work out - it's all possible, playing games dolls. Colorful, bright and attractive games for girls are designed to brighten up their leisure time with your favorite pastime. It's no secret that girls love to wear and show design tendencies. Now they have the opportunity to showcase their talents, enjoying the game with virtual dolls and having access to an unlimited capacity to do so.

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