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In this section we want to give you a chance to play dominoes online - a game that combines the interests of many generations. Although the game is long and familiar, but few know that habitual knuckle today evolved from dice - connecting a pair, we obtain a domino. The standard set includes twenty-eight tiles. They feature front side is divided in half and each half is applied to a different number of points - from one to six, although in some sets there may be many more. There are also "dummy" when one or both sides of the bone there are no points. Such empty blocks mean "zero". Not hard to see that the roots of the game to be found in India and China, because there are very fond of the game based on the chips. But if you look at the true Chinese dominoes, we can see that there is no value "zero", and the points of different colors - white and red. In the XVIII century, the game was brought to Italy and has undergone some changes. It is believed that the name of the "domino" arose from black-and-white costumes, which are worn at the carnival, and they, in turn, took the idea from the Dominican Friars, who wore a white cape with black hoods. The game can take part two, three or four people. If only two people are involved, shall be eight knuckles, if more - five. The remaining tiles are on standby. The first makes his move, the player who has a "double-zero" (0-0), or the "double-six" (6-6). Other players will have to substitute your knuckles so that they coincide with the points laid out dominoes. If the bones of the hands not, they are taken from the reserve. If 6-6 on hands no progress is made with 5-5. If there is not a one take, the game starts one knuckle, which is closest to it, such as 6-5. When one of the participants remained without knuckles on his hands, the game ends. Also, it could be completed "fish" that is blocking all the dominoes - when left in the hands of the knuckles is nothing to pay. Dropped your bones 0-0, of twenty five points. Game ends one who makes the last move. When the game ended, "fish", the winner is the player who possesses a minimal number of points. Known for more than forty types of domino games, where there are very different knuckles and different rules. In the east, love games give poetic names: "Carnations in a fog", "Jump gazelle", "Enter the pagoda." In the CIS title more mundane, but more familiar to the average man, "goat", "donkey", "sea goat", "goat-General (or" General ")," Telephone "(alternatively," point "," Houses , "" Clumsy Bear, "" Flea ")," sausage ". In dominoes can be played in pairs or every man for himself. It is an option for himself gave the name of the game "Checheve" the abbreviation CHCHV (man is a wolf). This version of the domino game is quite similar to "Goat" - the most common in our country. All the players receive seven tiles. The game begins one who fell 1-1 in the game with four participants, or the double of the lowest in the other cases. The last bone of the reserve is not collected, and the next game begins previous winner or the one who did the "fish" at the last rally. The other players left in the hands of the record unplayed Points to your account. Who typed the first one hundred one point, he is "swine" - the loser. To score a "goat" or to play another game, we suggest you stay on our web site and play dominoes online with a real opponent or the computer.

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