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In ancient times, people created in the imagination of mythological beings who often have a destructive force and give them magical powers. They were feared and worshiped them, trying to placate the offerings and sacrifices. One of these creatures is the dragon - a collective term for various fantastic and mythological subjects. The image of the dragon is actively exploited in horror, creating a ruthless monsters that attack people, and in the tales of these villains kidnap princesses and keep them in captivity. Why do they need it? Maybe it's a secret intent. Maybe not so these dragons and bloodthirsty, but just so they allow princes and brave knights to show their honor, courage and valor, fighting the symbol of evil and defeating it, giving a beautiful maiden freedom, love, and lock in the bargain. Whatever it was, but the image of the dragon has always been associated with the destruction of the Slavs and danger. In addition to Slavic mythology, dragons are present in the cultures of India, Sumer, Egypt, Ugarit, Mexico, the Andes, Japan, China and Greece. Now, basically, dragons have become a symbol of the aesthetic arts, and Vietnam - Imperial power. At the same time, in the days of feudalism, Vietnam dragon symbolized moral ideals. Dragon mythology - a kind of test, which must be overcome in order to get the treasure. But in contrast to the European dragon, Chinese symbolizes a good start in his honor annually a dragon boat festival. Are inherent features of the deity of rain, which is inextricably linked to the cult of fertility. Thus, in different people the same symbol is completely opposite things. But as the fire-breathing dragon, living in deep caves us closer, and we found it in the movies, books, films and computer games are often in the role. Over the past two centuries, interest in dragons not only weakened, but strengthened. One can observe a kind of dragon boom, for fans of fantasy in the online games especially popular. Today, these creatures are so mutated by new circumstances of our time that have little resemblance to their ancestors. And that less common features still remain, as you can see, paying attention to the game Dragons. Then the number of plots, which of them invented, can diversify leisure even the most demanding player. It can be as flash game with quick passing and simple management, and mmorpg games, where a story can be infinitely long. Whole series of games with sequels out annually under their "wings" of developers. There is hardly any person who ever would pay attention to the game with dragons. And in games dragons do not always play the role of aggressor. Products designed for a young audience, contain a positive sea and offer children to take part in races on the dragons look with them objects to act as dealer mini-cafe, a walk through the maze, to help restore peace and order on earth, paint them, collect colorful puzzles and do a lot of other creative things. But, of course, can not get away from the classics of the genre. Can not do the game without fighting dragons and persecution, fighting for survival, fighting knights, the dangers of the labyrinths of rocks and other circumstances associated with a greater risk for life. Rescue princesses and release locks - the primary task and rather predictable, if a dragon appears on the horizon.

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