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Drums is not a very melodious too. But listening to their rhythm, inadvertently charged with energy and desire born in movement and life. Most likely, this is due to our primitive roots, when people used the first instrument in different areas of their lives. With the drums in the soldiers raised their morale, and the enemy, hearing the terrible blows, began to tremble, and turned to flee. In another situation, using a completely different rhythm, shamans invoke the spirits with which predicted the future or disillusion. Also, the drums were used during the marriage ceremony and evening by the fire, when the tribe was going to celebrate something or just have fun. They say that shamans were able to even pick up a rhythm that matches the beat of the human heart. And then, gradually slowing the drum beats, the heart stopped completely. This tactic was used by the enemies of the tribe or guilty tribesmen. Such skill is very scared of our ancestors, who all saw witchcraft, when in fact they did not stop at the heart of the slow rhythm of the drum, and because of self-hypnosis, which they themselves are driven to such a state. Looking back in history, we see that the drum has always been used in military campaigns, and the drummer was an indispensable man in the unit. He not only raised the morale of the soldiers, but also set the pace in which the moving column. After all, before the battle took place in the open field, and the two warring armies moved against each other in serried ranks. Those who remember his pioneering time, remember and pioneering drums. Under their rhythmic clatter of raising the banner, held marches and reports to the senior officer. Proper drumming was taught, and in the Pioneer room, he was always in a prominent place. For some time now, no live concert on the stage does not pass without a drum set. Today, they have modernized and, along with other innovations, which were all musical instruments, drums also equipped with electronic filling, and they rang in a new way. Are not left behind and CS. These creations include a series of computer games that allow beginners and professionals to demonstrate their sense of rhythm, the drums began to play online. Among a variety of options, you'll find the classic version of drumming. Work-out, you will be able to practice one from the melodies, which are recorded in the game. But if you feel strong enough to move on, start to create your own beats and record them to listen and then correct the roughness. Provides tips for beginners. You'll see how to play a particular rhythm, drums and cymbals will be highlighted in a particular order and with the necessary speed. Following the recommendations, you will learn how to tune born. In addition to the classic version, there are games with a thematic component. Drums can be quite fun to play, if you select one of the versions of the game. For example, the skeleton drummer looks quite impressive when cleverly beat the drums while he rumble bones. And the awkward but lively girl Masyanya suddenly became a DJ and sold on all cylinders, pressing all the buttons and settings Loupian the drums for the effective and sound reinforcement. Listen to your mood and choose your version of the game. That you do not prefer to play drums online is always noisy and fun. Turn the speakers on full blast, start the game, but beware of their eardrums.

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Drums games free online

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