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Card games are still among the most common board games, and playing "fool" quickly learn even children. It can be divided into several subtypes: simple, springboard and translated fool. This section is devoted to a fool teeter. This type of game can be considered only domestic invention and therefore, one of the favorite games for the family. To participate in the game can from 2 to 6 players and a deck of thirty-six cards. The most appreciated card - Ace, six on the contrary - the lowest. Before starting the game, players are distributed on the hand of six cards from the pack, and at the end of it is removed, any card, which is a trump. It is placed under the rest of the deck so that it saw everything, and put in the center of the playing field. The player with the lowest trump card on hand makes the first move with any card. But the course also possible to make multiple cards of the same rank. Move is made to the player on his left, and he in turn must hit infantrymen entered under his cards in the suit, but the highest in seniority or, as trumps. Progress trump card only can discourage similar suits high esteem. When on the field of play, new maps, penetrating can toss similar to them, and fought back again should beat them. If the cover is nothing, cards are collected. If the game gets more than two people and setting have nothing to throw up, but the other players have the opportunity to throw a card, they can do it, but not more than the number of cards in his hand batters. If all cards are successfully beaten and nothing more to throw, played cards go into retreat and cease to participate in the game. After that, players get out of the deck in the center of the playing field the required number of cards in their hand to once again become six. First, take cards one who acts first, then the other players in a clockwise direction. Next, the transition to the player to the left of the previous setting. At the end, the remaining cards are divided equally between the players so that all the hands were the same, or nearly the same number of cards. In Snap possible to play as long as at least two people at the hands of cards are available. If only one of the players stayed with the cards, the game is played, and the owner of cards in his hand is a fool. Also, by appointment, in the final game when fighting two opponents, but in the hands of one of them has one or more sixes, he can "hang straps", but in this instance, if the winner does not have to doubt. But you can not "hang straps" one trump card - must be another nekozyrnaya. At the same time, not enough cards in hand batters can not serve as a pretext for refusing to "chase" and that stupid hedgehog called "fool with epaulets." Card games require the player to always focus, ability to remember the cards and count them as a combination. The higher your ability to such calculations, the more real chance to beat rivals, and the skillful use of paired cards only increase your chance. Snap allows you to play online with a computer or a real player.

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