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Playing in the economic strategy of the game, the man manages resources that are essential to develop the economy and prosperity of the group or object. For effective development of business and the proper distribution of the initial capital, you need to use the right tactics and planning to be able to predict the course of events at all stages of the game. It does not matter what you're building - cities, farms, ports, banks, chain stores and restaurants or are developing natural resources. In any case it is necessary on the alert for the slightest changes in the situation and take timely measures. Economic strategy is a multilevel game where the player develops the industry, the economy adjusts, manufactures and sells products. In any case, there is a common goal - the accumulation of capital and business expansion. For example, if you take up a catering business, at the beginning you will have only the most necessary and cheap equipment, furniture, and a set of products. Over time, serving visitors, you will get some profit, which will invest in the purchase of new equipment, decorations, comfortable furniture and a set of products. Each time, acquiring more modern stuff, you gradually improve the comfort and quality of facilities maintenance. This will attract new visitors, which promises new revenues. The situation is similar in other economic games theme. Economic strategy game online simulations help understand the principles of operation of any business. In a wide variety of themes and subjects, you will find small flash games that do not require a lot of time passing and the game, with a rather large functional. The bulk of the economic dimension of games take place in real time. Things are moving slowly, and you can always find flaws in a timely manner and eliminate them. But even in this mode, do not relax, because the accumulated problems become widespread, and shall have a disaster. Urban construction and other large-scale projects provide the opportunity to develop them into a large infrastructure with complex relations. For example, the game SimCity, where the process of creating a successful developing cities, require the player to focus on different aspects and nuances of an established operation of all systems and services. All the problems and needs of the people close to this, so there is a good chance to be a good mayor and create a thriving city, to improve relations with its neighbors, to enter into contracts with other cities and to communicate with them for transport. Build airports, ports and railway. Make your city attractive not only for its residents but also for tourists who will be a source of additional income. Try to keep the water and air in the city was clean, people have jobs and recreation. Comfortable and beautiful city will cause you to be marked monument, and the land around it will generate more income. The important point is taxes. You, as the mayor, they will be able to adjust by lowering or raising. Too high a standard lead to strikes and loss of revenue, understated empty the treasury and will not allow you to keep in good condition roads, hospitals, schools, fire and law enforcement organizations, and other structures. Economic strategies quickly obsessed players attention. You will find a lot of games that are different subjects, but retain its primary goal - the development of the economy.

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