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Young people often try to stand out from the crowd and find for themselves the opportunity to youth trends and tendencies, one of which is the emo culture. It is this youth area and dedicated games for girls emo, you will find in this section of our site. The word comes from the English emo emotional, short emo - emotional. The direction of this subculture was based on the eponymous style fans of music, and its representatives call themselves emo kidami, which means - emotional young people (children). To be able to mention them by gender, use the name of emo-girls (girl) and emo-boy (boy). About emo kidah predominant opinion as crybabies, because they are not shy to express their emotions, and even emphasize their vulnerability and sensitivity. They are thin feel injustice and change the world. Musical style emo-core, where the emphasis is on the emotional performance, is a subspecies of punk rock, but they are strikingly different in values. We dominated emo romantic and usually tragic love. They do not accept any kind of violence, focused on the inner world and his experiences. Appearance emo difficult to confuse. Their hairstyles by traditional colors and style - often torn oblique bangs, going down to the tip of the nose and hiding one eye and tousled short hair at the back. But the emo fashion, too, departed from the standards and created a lot of other options. Girls often prefer black straight hair and pink strands on them or children's ponytail with bobby pins, bright hearts. In those computer games, you will find options emo hairstyles for inspiration sustained in emo style. Piercing is also a manifestation of his own "I" in emo and their lips, nose (nostrils and nose), eyebrows and ears are decorated with them. Another feature of the emo culture include makeup. Their face is covered with a light foundation, lipstick lips body, but the eyes outlined with black pencil and ink a lot. Such make-up makes expressive eyes and focuses on them. Nail polish is often black, but there are other, traditional emo colors. Games for girls emo makeup offer you apply a set of special cosmetics to create the emo style and experiment a bit. Fashion emo kidov determined clothing stored in black and magenta (pink) colors, and other bright colors are allowed. On clothing can be childish drawings, broken hearts or writing music emo bands. Often, it is fitting shirt and black jeans with patches or holes, purple or black belt with the symbol on the buckle. Decorate clothes can ruffles and bows, hand striped socks and scarf-neck arafatka. Of shoes - is in the style of Converse sneakers or skate, and soft slippers with rubber soles - slipony vensony or ornamented in checkered. The laces on the shoes too bright and special braided lacing. By the way, what color is predominant in emo clothes, we can determine their mood. Black talks about depression and alienation from society, and the pink of the joy and readiness to confront darkness. In games, dress emo you will find a wardrobe, in the best traditions of the genre. You can pick up a dress for emo-girls or emo-boy, using not only clothes, but also decorations that match this youth subculture. Playing games for girls emo, you forget what sadness!

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